Wednesday Walk On The Mountain Side

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Hello Steemaliens

This is my entry for today’s Wednesday Walk hosted by @tattoodjay . Today was so nice out it felt like the first day of spring here for sure. With the sun shining it was a great day for a nice walk and much needed time outside. Captured on my iPhone7.






Until next time...Steem On!



Such interesting shots and a beautiful spring day by the looks

I have to ask what are those silver dishes?

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk !tip

They look like they should be something more but they’re actually just a art installation. At first glance I thought they were some sort of solar panels. Thanks for stopping by!

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Well they are a very cool art installation, I wondered at first if they were Solar panels as well, but never seen ones like that so I was guessing they were an art piece

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Lovely time of the year. Great photos.

Yes it is lovely!
Thanks & Steem On :)

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My pleasure. Have a great weekend!

Nice photography spring day on the mountain side.

Thank you!

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