Fisherman's Park at Conowingo Dam

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Today I took a walk around the Susquehanna river near the Conowingo dam in Northern Maryland. It is located a few miles from the Pennsylvania border. It lies near the very top of the Chesapeake bay. It was very humid today!

I took way too many good photos during my walk to include all of them in only one steem post. These photos are all from the West side of the river from Fisherman's Park. I also walked around the East side of the river. I'll save those for another post. Actually it'll probably be more than 1 more post. I have boulders and macro shot too. Also lots of tree photos. I could make some macro. This one trip could actually be like 10 more posts. lol.

I'm not used to quiet, rural places. It was a nice short getaway. Cloudy days in the afternoon in summer are often the best time to take photos because there are no shadows. The sun came out a bit after we went to the other side of the river, but that's for another post.

It's rumored that Native American put all the rocks there. There was a Susquehanna tribe who were believed to be 8 feet tall. Many Indian artifacts can be found in the area. There are also many ancient houses along the river. Only the crumbled foundation remains. That's for my East side post.

lake 102.png

lake 58.png

lake 92.png

lake 4.png

lake 15.png

lake 36.png

lake 76.png

lake 109.png

lake 84.png

lake 38.png

lake 16.png

lake 103.png

lake 21.png

lake 71.png

All photos taken by me with my Canon Rebel t6

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What a beautiful area for a walk, and cool you got p[hotosd for many posts

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Beautiful photos! I believe I know someone else who went walking there!