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This isn't a recent walk ... it happened some years ago ...
P1750339 malo.jpg
... maybe a decade or so.
P1840583 malo.jpg
I took all these photograph on a pleasant summer afternoon ...
P1750420 malo.jpg
... while walking along the long, narrow bay, that looks almost like a river from some angels.
P1840667 malo.jpg
I took the shots on my walk ... but ... to actually get there I had to swim first ...
P1750371 malo.jpg
... because the rocks are at a steep angle and all the rest is overgrown by dense, thorny Mediterranean bush, impenetrable without some sharp tool to cut the intricate and resilient vegetation.
P1750366 malo.jpg
So I put all the stuff I needed for this little exploration in a plastic bowl, I enveloped the camera in layers of nylon if some water enters the bowl, and I went swimming into the inlet to see up close what's there.
While I was swimming and pushing the bowl in front of me, the small coastal crabs, of the Pachygrapsus marmoratus species, were closely watching this strange, large creature sailing in. These crabs live only in the zone between low and high tide, feeding on various algae and scavenging whatever small or large carcasses the tides can bring.
P1750428 malo.jpg
When the strong southern winds, often combined with exceptionally high tides, roll the waves to this coast, they bring all sorts of riches from distant parts of the Adriatic and surroundings.
P1750423 malo.jpg
And long, sheltered inlets like this one, are the ideal storage areas for all those obsolete things.
You can find a bit of everything here ...
P1750387 malo.jpg
... from a safety helmet ...
... to the real American gunslinger, still alive and ready to shoot.
P1750388 malo.jpg
You can always find a few contorted Kinder Surprise eggs, they are present everywhere.
P1750389 malo.jpg
On this photograph I put one of those eggs near to the cuttlebone ... they looked kind a cool together.
P1750374 malo.jpg
This plastic case, usually used on fishing boats, is here much longer than the other stuff. Is covered with mud and barely recognizable.
P1840105 malo.jpg
All around this muddy place ...
P1840096 malo.jpg
... you can see many small hermit crabs.
P1840159 malo.jpg
They are dragging around ...
P1840153 samo malo.jpg
... various types of shells.
There is a great abundance of shells on the shore and in the shallows ...
P1840579 malo.jpg
... so the hermits can change the house at their pleasure.
P1840650 malo.jpg
On the following picture ...
P1840075 samo MALO.jpg
... one of them is posing on my hand.
P1750384 malo.jpg
Among all the amazing, but still pretty usual stuff I found that day ...
P1750348 malo.jpg
... there was one relatively rare item ...
P1750353 malo.jpg
... a large Sea turtle shell ... that looked like one of those cool shield in the Morrowind video game ... you know, one of those that people from the desert used in that game.
P1750344 malo.jpg
I took the shell ... found some driftwood and a cover of some small boat engine of Slovenian production ... produced exactly in the city called Koper, which is also part of this Istra peninsula ... anyway, this is not very important now ... what I wanted to say is that I took all those things and arranged them in an improvised throne, so I kind of proclaimed myself a sovereign of this forgotten place.
P1750384 malo.jpg
The king of garbage ...
P1840743 malo.jpg
... and the crabs.
P1750408 malo.jpg
There was a cicada, on some old, rusted piece of metal ... singing just for me. Yeah sure, he, he what an arrogant delusion, worthy of a real king.
DSC06609 malo.jpg
The crabs are really numerous in this muddy habitat.
P1840727 malo.jpg
It's interesting to explore this variety.
P1840176 samo malo.jpg
I saw this little crab with very good camouflage for the first time.
P1840215 malo.jpg
I never noticed this species before.
P1840231 malo.jpg
Here you can see it better while is on the palm of my hand ... when on the mud, this little crab is barely visible.
P1840627 samo malo.jpg
Small flies also like to visit the salty mud, here they can find a lot of edibles and useful minerals.
P1750334 malo.jpg
You can see some rocks here too ... and they are covered with interesting lichen artworks.
P1750369 malo.jpg
The shadows can also be pretty artsy ...
P1750370 malo.jpg
... look this one ...
P1750368 malo.jpg
... ad example ... pretty trippy, ha ? :D
DSC08936 malo.jpg
And what to say about this?
DSC08935 malo.jpg
A masterpiece of non-figurative art ...
DSC08938 malo.jpg
... some exotic industrial, plastic - like material, brought by the rolling sea.
P1750352 malo.jpg
One of the main attraction here ... in my opinion ... is a beautiful and very large fig tree that grows above the bay ... I put myself in the picture to better emphasize the grandeur of this old gentle giant.
P1750377 malo.jpg
And there is some nice construction site type of garbage hiding in its shade.
P1750417 malo.jpg
Here is the fig leaf on the mud ... and the tide is low.
P1750414 malo.jpg
Here you can see a dead crab ...
P1750391 malo.jpg
... on some old children's beach toy.
P1750424 malo.jpg
And now ...
P1750426 malo.jpg
... with these last few pieces of garbage ...
DSC09094 malo.jpg
... it's time to end today's walk ... that actually happened some time ago ... as always in these walks on Steemit, all the photographs are made by me, the selfies and all the rest.
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¿Desde cuándo no visitas tu reino?
¿El gran caparazón de tortuga sigue ahí?
Creo que es una buena caja de resonancia para un instrumento musical.
Feliz vida para siempre.

Estuve allí el verano pasado. La armadura de la tortuga fue recuperada por el mar y probablemente llevada a otro reino. :) Faltan basura y cangrejos. También hay peces. En tres meses volveré allí de nuevo. Espero que Google traduzca esto bien.
Feliz vida para siempre también.

Oh please excuse me @borjan
I didn't realize I translated into English, but copy and paste in Spanish.
A thousand pardons. Thank you for your undeserved kindness.

No problem :D it works in Spanish with online translation ... and in the process I learned a few words

We have the same garbage, not beauty(((
Good #wednesdaywalk!

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I'm surprised that the garbage doesn't kill the crabs, I suppose the seawater dilutes the pollution

True ... the sea ecosystem can take a lot of misuse and still be rich and interesting ... but not forever ... not even very long I think, especially in the small seas like the Adriatic, that are very rich and varied because of the indented coastline with hundreds of Islands (About 1200 on the Croatian coast) that grants many different depths and great variety of habitats ... but are also sensitive because these are not vast bodies of water like oceans ... the future, when it comes to biodiversity doesn't look particularly good.

Nice meditating on the beautiful nature of garbage decorated is not bad

He, he, true with a bit of garbage around the human creature shall always feel more at home then in the untouched nature.

Such an interesting post so much things to see and i love your throne

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)