Looking For Muffins!

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I have to write in my biography that I like to walk. At first it was more for medical and dietary reasons and now it has become a way of life. Walking!

Fortunately, this not only helps me maintain my health, it helps me to write in @tattoodjay's challenge. #wednesdaywalk. Thus I have ensured at least one topic per week and I write with the same pleasure I walk.

In a few words: our friend @tattoodjay suggests posting pictures and thoughts from our last walk. Nothing easier and more enjoyable. I think that's why this challenge is so successful!

I have to reveal something more: I use this challenge as a kind of travel journal. I keep here all the trips I have made and I hope to see them again in the next years. I also hope that these walks inspire readers who are also travelers to follow in my footsteps if they ever arrive in these cities. Now it's about Iasi, Romania.

I am thrilled that because of the hundreds of blogs I wrote about Iasi, there are a few of you who now know that there is this city in this great world we all live in!

This ride is for: looking muffins!

Office colleagues and residents of this city have told us about a small bistro where are crafted muffins.

Our walk had this purpose, discovering the place where the best mounds are hidden. Fortunately, the place we were looking for was not too far away and so we arrived quickly. But I noticed everything that seemed remarkable in our way. The faculty of medicine and pharmacy, one of the most known and sought after in Romania. Hundreds of students from other countries are studying here. For two reasons: the school is good and the fees are lower than in Western Europe.


In front of the Faculty there is a monument dedicated to the unification of the Romanian provinces. The unification and formation of the Romanian state started from the initiative of the intellectuals and politicians from Iasi, around 1850.


Exceeding the historical area of this walk, we approach the target of the trip ... the shop where artisanal muffins are prepared.




The search and the walk up to this point was well worth it. These muffins are very tasty and the small bistro, a family business, is tastefully decorated.





Thanks for this discovery I promised that we will return as often as we can. We are now waiting for the way back, the walk to the office. In the same park of the Faculty I saw a monument dedicated to the memory of the dead in the battles fought for the achievement and preservation of the integrity of the Roman state. An eternal flame burns here.


I met the endless churches, the city of one hundred churches ...




At the end of the ride, near the office, I wanted the clear proof that it is not good to leave the car too much parked in the same place. This can happen ...



I think we can say that there are two major categories of walks: walks that have a purpose, a target and random walks, where the steps take you. I think they're as nice and helpful both ways. For me this ride had a purpose that was achieved!

Thank you!
I made this post with passion, effort and respect for you. I hope the result proves it.
Since English is not my first language, please forgive any grammatical errors.

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Great walk in a beautiful district and ... I need a cup of tea with some sweets RIGHT NOW! )))

Thank you! I hope you will find that cup.
I ate a muffin with ham and cheese ... so it wasn't sweet.

Oh, I never heard of not sweet muffins, they must be very tasty

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It was a surprise to me too. I ate for the first time.

Now I will look more careful at bakery windows

Yes, is an option.
There would be another one, looking for recipes and trying to make it at home.

Oh, do you love to cook? They say men are excellent cooks!

Yes I like very much. For me it is a kind of relaxation.

Such beautiful architecture! Thank you for sharing!

My pleasure! I'm glad you like

Thanks for sharing this walk with us sharing both the sights you see along with your thoughts
Now I wish you could share those muffins they look so good 😊

Clearly it’s been a long time since that car was moved lol 😂

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

With pleasure! Thank you for challenging us to tell about our walks.

With pleasure! Thank you
For challenging us to tell
About our walks.

                 - bluemoon

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

My Pleasure I so enjoy seeing everyone’s walks :)

What a great tour!!

Whoever owns that car is in for a rude awakening if they are looking for it.

I really love the monument and yeah, the muffins look delicious.

Thank you! It means I presented them well ... because they are tasty.

Savoury muffins are my favourite, next best would be muffins with fruit and nuts since I am not particularly found of sweets. A nice cup of coffee that would make a great start to the day, well worth while walking for!

So much to see and do when out walking, you tend to notice things you normally do not look at when driving through. Lovely share of the city thanks @bluemoon

Thank you very much, @joanstewart! I agree with you on muffins with nuts and fruits. Coffee, of course! I will tell the owners of this small bistro to serve coffee or tea. I think it's a very good idea.

We also get carrot muffins with walnuts or pecan nuts that are simply delicious, smell of coffee and muffins floating down the street would draw people in as well.

Yes, of course.

What a pretty town @bluemoon. Those muffins look like they were definitely worth the walk! 100 churches in one town, wow :)

Yes, 100 or more churches in this town with about 400,000 inhabitants!
I intend to make a post or more and show some of the most beautiful (monuments).

I'm very curious about those muffins. If only you could send some lol! Great discovery 👍👍

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Unfortunately, they cannot be shipped ...

Too bad

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I am guessing that that car will be a discovery some years from now :)

Yes, I will check and I hope I can confirm this again.

Great shots. Thank you for using the #creativecoin tag on your post.

Thank you very much! I think #creativecoin is one of the most important tags and it encourages creativity. Exactly what we need now.

Some more great shots to get to know that city! Definitely a good objective for the day. I love a good fresh-baked muffin. Always awesome to support local small businesses, too. Thanks once again for sharing!

I am very glad when the feedback is so good, thank you. I'm glad you see the beauty of the city.

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Thanks again!

Ahhhhh....that was worth the walk to get one of them yummy muffins..is that someone trying to camouflage there care...lol :)

Yeah, that's what I didn't think about ... probably trying to camouflage that car. Maybe he stole it?

It could be the fact ??

I do not know. I only know that many used cars have been brought from Europe, some may have been stolen.

It was a wonderful walk, taking in all the sights on the way to get there. This is such a pretty little town, with surprises around the corner on each end. Perhaps not surprises, but pieces of beauty, places to see, people to watch and things to do.

I love university towns as they seem to have interesting things geared toward the students. Artisan muffins, lots of coffee shops and things of that nature. I will agree that more people seem to walk more as they age as opposed to when they are younger. Perhaps it has to do with time or perhaps, diet and exercise?

I ran when my kids were little. It didn't take as long and I could do it and be home before they woke up (and a cheaper babysitter as I didn't live near family) I really love churches and places of worship, especially from yesteryear. So much beautiful architecture.

The car and your words made me laugh. Truly. Thank you for taking me on your walk! It was awesome! As always, I wish you a most wonderful day!


Thank you, Denise! Agree with you about the walk and our age.
Yes, the city has portions of beautiful and of course the opposite. That is, being a university town brings many benefits and youth.

(and a cheaper babysitter as I didn't live near family) I do not know if I understood correctly what you say and therefore I do not comment.

Your comment convinced me to choose a theme for this #marketfriday. Less common and that may offend some ... but that doesn't bother me anymore. I hope I have time to do this today, it is a difficult day for me.

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Thank you for your good job!

Intersting walk with a lot of sightseeing and muffins:) The photo with the car was very funny. I will keep in mind beause a leave mine also parked for days,lol

Thank you! I'm in the same situation as you, and I rarely drive and the car is more parked

I believe small shops offers food that is more personal and special. Compared to corporate food chains, I always look out for these specialty food shops whenever we go out.

I love walking, it's a great meditation

Yes, indeed!

Beautiful view and beautiful photos. Glad you got the muffin and the lovely place.

Thank you for sharing this purposeful walk with Steemiverse. =)

Thank you! The muffins were just the pretext ...

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Thank you!

What a lovely walk, but now I'm hungry for those delicious looking muffins! Seriously, I feel like I was walking along side you, so thanks so much for bringing me along!

Thank you very much, I'm glad I managed to take you with me.

Looks like a lovely walk with lots to see. And delicious muffins as a bonus! Double win! lol.

Yes, thank you! Curiosity made us look for those muffins.

Excellent walk, I loved all the images, and definitely the best and with which I laughed a lot, is the car!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it...and especially that I managed to make you laugh.

I wonder how a Chrysler 300 ended up in Romania. Those muffins look amazing @bluemoon. Thanks for taking us on your journey. 👍

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With pleasure! About the Chrysler, possibilities and imagination in this part of the world are very high ... especially in the underworld.

I have found that the right muffins are well worth walking any distance for. I'm glad you enjoyed your walk and found some suitable muffins. :-)

I found out the same thing, thank you very much!

This is a wonderful challenge!

This is a wonderful challenge!

Thank you!

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