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Old Town Kenai Alaska - Churches 3-6-19

We visited Old town Kenai today and drove a few streets we have not been on in quite some time. We were on a photo hunt, looking for some interesting shadow shots. We stopped and did a few pictures in the area, there are a couple of old Russian Orthodox Churches in Old Town, in the summer nice to walk around, in the winter not so much, be we did manage, My wife did more walking than me, but we made a few other stops as well for our #wednesdaywalk.

The first church shot here is completely surrounded by snow, From the looks of the snow around it no one really does much with it in the winter time. I am not sure how old it is, I do know that in the summer time they let you walk around it, several years ago I even stooped down low enough to go inside it, pretty much in a ready to sit crouch if I remember right, it was not a very big place.

We were far enough away when my zoom lens was able to get the whole picture of the place. I was thinking about changing my lens out before we left, but was also hoping for some mountain or bird shots on our multi-walk -a-bout stops.

002 older church.jpg

Here is the church that is plastered on so many of the Kenia memorabilia postcards and calendars. So this was done in several shots. A parts is parts shot. There was really no where to walk away from the church and get a nice picture of it so a few different shots, then edit, and edit some more, and well being as close as I was, it sort of came out.

okay church is done.png

It kind of has that slight fish-eye lens thing going on, I did try to remove some of the bulge, but it is still there, maybe we will get back there and I can get a proper shot of it. Over all it was a good afternoon walk, along with the church's I got a few bird pictures for Friday, and even found an interesting couple of boulders. Not sure yet about the mountain shots, may use them on monday, may not.

#wednesdaywalk is a tag used by @tattoodjay where he challenges us to get out and do a short walk. Here is his post for the week and the rules.

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What a cool Church Even with a little distortion the stitched image is real cool

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Cool and nice church photography.

What beautiful buildings! I bet that is a fascinating place to visit!