Colorchallenge Tuesday Orange : Reception Stage

in wedding •  9 months ago

This is stage for wedding reception function. Look at the multiple orange flower ball hanging on the stage and light combination. Front of the stage is decorated by artificial flower bouquet. All made stage awesome.

This is my entry for today's #colorchallenge Orange Tuesday. This #colorchallenge is initiated by @kalemandra.

#colorchallenge Tuesday Orange : Reception Stage


wedding stage pics from different angles


Orange Color Steeming in Wedding

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Wow nice decorations

nice colours

What a beautiful reception stage! मेहता साहब आपकी फोटोग्राफी इतनी अच्छी है कि ये स्टेज वास्तव में इतना अच्छा है, ये कहना बहुत मुश्किल है।


मेरे पास wedding फोटो का कलेक्शन है, पर में सभी खीचता नहीं हूँ. आपके अच्छे comment के लिए धन्यवाद .

que belleza pronto me voy a casar tomare en cuenta estos colores galaxticos para decorar es mi matrimonio numero 10jeeee que bello

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Yes, you are right. The stage for wedding reception function is beautiful. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.


Your welcome @sandipghosh ji. Keep sharing wonderful things....


Thanks for responce.

great photos, excellent post.

Please I am new here in this platform,can someone just help me by upvoting for me please, Thanks.

Nice photo

@mehta sir konsa camera use kar rahe ho aap ?? ??

Looks awesome

‌‌‌शादी की एक नयी खूबसूरत है।

Good photos @mehta, I like them, certainly the colors stand out, important the brightness, THANKS for sharing!


@naconc thankyou very much for like it. nice one!
Do steeming daily...

Beautiful click

Wao, I must say, this is really outstanding, nice photography, I'm speechless to about the beauty of the stage


@ebrus your commenting style is outstanding. Nice one. I have no words.


Lol, thanks. Your work just keeps bringing me back to say something about it's uniqueness

Bonita esa decoración amigo lo felicito por compartir en el post esa belleza. Feliz dias le deseo desde Venezuela


धन्यवाद @edgargonzalez आपके एक बढ़िया सी समीक्षा के लिए.

Nice picture of a nice composition.

It's great for me that your wedding arrangements are really beautiful

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omg I love your pots a lot I hope someday you can stop by my blog



Thanks @aduardojoa for excellent comment. I like your style. Keep sharing... :D

Indian weddings decorators are world best

looking so beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us.


Nice photography
Looking so beautiful. Thanks
For sharing with us

                 - fatema105

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Amazing spectrum of colors. Great photo-shooting job, @mehta


Thanks @amazingwoman for amazing feedback. Nice.

Beautiful shot:)

Look like a very colorful wedding mate

I'm in love with India , been there 7 times ,

Up voted.

Thank you for sharing your photo @mehta, your photo is always extraordinary.

You are an inspiration in the color challenge!

Wow a skill of great expertise. You have such great photography skills. Keep it up @mehta. You're amazing bro.

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Wow..the stage looked spectacular!

What an amazing stage. This is stunning. I hope the party went well.