Colorchallenge Thrusday Green : Wedding Stage Decoration

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In indian culture so many sacrament (sanskar/संस्कार) are there. In which the wedding is most important sacrament and after that only one sacrament is remaining in life that is funeral. So this is the biggest and most expensive celebration in every Indian life. Every person do his best for making this celebration rememberable for rest of the life.

There is a huge big industry to back up this occasion. There are so many work to do for a successful execution of the wedding celebration because so many guest are coming from both sides of bride and groom family. One side of guest we know and other side of guest we don't know but make our presentable / rememberable image in front of them. So now a days, the families hire wedding / event planner for this occasion. So that they enjoy the event and all arrangement done in proper and well managed manner.

Look this wedding stage, which is used for wedding reception purpose. This is my today's entry of #colorchallenge Thrusday Green. The stage have different color with different combination of lighting effect. Hope you all steemians enjoy the photographs of the green wedding reception stage.

#colorchallenge Thrusday Green : Wedding Stage Decoration


wedding stage with different zoom, lights and angle


Green Wedding Stage Steeming

Footer mehta.gif


lovely colours

nice colours

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@mehta you are absolutely right brother

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aap ne shai kaha bhai

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Beautiful pictures sir

Bat to sahi he?

Hi again @mehta ...... all the four pictures are really beautiful. waiting for more.

Thanks @san190.
I will try to post one post daily.

yea @mehta ...... I know brother .........

@mehta One of the most beautiful stages I have ever seen

Thanks for this most beautiful comment @ritikdokania23. Now, you can also see more better than this in my old and coming posts.

You should visit polish wedding. Big parties, lot of vodka and good food. When everyone starts to get drunk it is so nice. Dancing, games in style " who is highest, who is most slim". Very very nice party.

Thanks @serfer307 for very different comment. I don't understand the exact meaning, what do you want to say? I enjoy your vodka with vegan food. :D

@mehta what happen your earning is coming down?
What is the reason you think?

These pics are amazing...
Thank you so much for sharing with us...
Thank you :-)

the photographs shows this Stage decorated with multi colour lights.
yellow colour with green shed looks amazing for this stage..
you have Great techniques for light decoration.
The Bunch of Flowers make this stage more beautiful.
Amazing Pictures...

You are amazingly commenting on post. Keep blogging regular.

i saw your post everyday this one is a unique one very nicely design a wedding stage.

Thanks @maninder323 for nice design comment.
I will try to post unique post every day. Hope you like them.


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Please, don't ask for upvote if you are from Udaipur. I have checked and found that you have just few days at steemit, you joined on July 5, 2018. So no matter of 710 days back, it is wrong statement by you.

wow so nice pic i like it

Achi hai bhi ye....

Wonderful mehtaji! That's look awesome.

wow what a beautiful wedding house where it is

gud-must combination matching BLAST_zpsa80ef9af.png

The introductory photo is amazing

लाजवाब दिलकश मनमोहक अट्रैक्टिव

What a beautiful view...nice

the photos demonstrates this Stage enhanced with multi shading lights.

yellow shading with green shed looks astounding for this stage.

@mehta ji you are fabulous be it be any day of color decoration.

Wondering decoration ----
Beautiful to see----------
And also like by me-------------

Beautiful and nice

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you made it? it's looking really nice

mere ko aap ki post bot achhi lagti dil se i lke your photography

India's culture is seen throughout the country.

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Very beautiful colors ..

Green Wedding Stage or called haven