5/30 Challenge - What about the first love

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I decided to take part to this challenge (started by @bkdbkd and @verhp11) to stretch the writing muscle and honestly because it’s fun.

So, let’s start with the day 5
Do you remember your first love? How old were you? Do you love someone now?

Well, how to forget it?
I was 17 years old. We met at common friend’s birthday party in a warm night of may and we went along from the first sight.
That kind of love that you wish to get married with, grow children together and spend the last days sitting in front of your house, reading some books to each other, drinking some wine and listening some delicious music from a gramophone.

Now it’s ten years that I don’t see him, but I still wish him all the best and all the happiness of this world.

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Have fun!

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Thanks @utomobong :) I did it <3