DTube Cruise Wedding - Jane and Pedro 2018

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Uploading to DTube first what we normally upload on YouTube or Vimeo or Facebook. In hopes that it'll bring more traffic here on steemit and @dtube

Enjoy :)

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Lovely video man - they seem super sweet. Well done.


Yeah this one was a fun one. Amazing couple and amazing family too. We don't always shoot on water. Hahaha - so far with your experience with us.

I'm so glad to see Jane and Pedro Wedding on the cruise. I'm happy to see happy and happy faces, when they kiss the sign of love I'm very happy .happy. thanks for sharing a video of happiness

What a need idea man, having a wedding on a boat like that, which of course I'm a fan :) Nicely done Vince. That's a good video.


You definitely crossed my mind a handful of times on ththe boat. Hahaha

Yeah it’s our first one to cover in Canada :) reallt unique wedding! I was getting sea sick at first when the ship was docked. Once it got moving it was a lot better.

Dude great video! I felt like I was actually there! Congrats to Jane and Pedro!