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Welcome to SteemReviews!

Our mission is to bring people together and what better way to do that than to share our experiences? 😊 This way we can collectively learn about amazing findings and make more informed decisions about how we spend our earnings.

SteemReviews is a decentralized reviewing service, it’s designed for anyone to use/participate. Here is our private posting key:


You can login and create a post to start gathering reviews. Make posts for anything you would like reviewed.


  • Don't post inappropriate content/false information/spam or unsolicited offers.
  • Don't resteem things with this account.
  • Do search existing posts before creating a new one to avoid duplicates.
  • Do follow the format of the templates provided below.
  • Do flag anything that doesn't meet the above guidelines to a point of no visibility.
  • Do upvote comments/reviews that you found helpful! :)


To post,

1. Login then copy & paste the most relevant template found below.
2. Replace CAPITALIZED text and fill in the information.
3. Include instructions on how to leave a review (next section).

@TheShop Seller

<center><h1>@TheShop Seller:** @USERNAME</h1></center>
<center>![PROFILE PIC](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**

@HyperFundIt Influencer

<center><h1> Influencer:** @USERNAME</h1></center>
<center>![PROFILE PIC](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**


<center>![PROJECT LOGO](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**


<center>![COMPANY LOGO](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Year Founded:**
**Contact Info:**


<center>![RESTAURANT LOGO](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Contact Info:**


<center>![MOVIE IMAGE](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Rating (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17):**


<center>![GAME IMAGE](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Initial Release Date:**
**Rating (EC, E, E10+, T, M, AO):**


<center>![BOOK IMAGE](URL)</center>

**Brief Description:**
**Originally Published:**
**Page Count:**

Feel free to add to this selection, reference the templates and create your own topic. We will let the community determine what is allowed.

Don't forget Step 3. Copy & paste these following instructions on how to leave a review.


<h3>To leave a review,</h3>
**1. Copy the markdown for the number of stars you want to give.**
**2. Write your review.**

Note: Quality reviews can help others out and in return, earn upvotes.

![one star]( `![one star](`
![two star]( `![two star](`
![three star]( `![three star](`
![four star]( `![four star](`
![five star]( `![five star](`


Would you support steem projects, charities, and good causes? Simply upvote this post, 100% of **upvote** proceeds go towards and @hypefoundation :)


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<center><h5>@steemreviews is not involved in any disputes and is not responsible for any damages or losses.</h5></center>

<center>[![steemreviews logo 100px.png](](<h5>[Review]( | [Create Post](</h5></center>


We’re imagining 90% of the upvote activity will happen in the comments section, but when the posts get upvotes, this is how the earnings will be used:

Steem/SBD earned from upvotes will be transferred to to grow the fundraising platform and help more project creators reach their goals. SP earned will be delegated to @hypefoundation to upvote/fund charities and meaningful causes found in the Steemit community.

Charities and causes include but are not limited to @schoolforsdg4, @cooking4charity, @FamilyProtection, @womenempowerment, @museproject, @youarehope, @treeplanter, @tarc, @steemcamp, @steemfunder, @azizbd, @Khusairi, @bigdude,, and more to come.

Confirm upvotes by viewing @hypefoundation's activity.


From here on, please assume that all non-review posts and any comments claiming to be the admin team made by this account @steemreviews are imposters. We will not be making any posts after this guide. The real admin team will be making comments with account @hyperfundit. Please flag any comments made by @steemreviews found either here or anywhere else.

You can get started by reviewing @steemreviews right here in the comments section.

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Our Partners

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@steemreviews is not involved in any disputes and is not responsible for any damages or losses.

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confirmed update, fixed thumbnail issue!

-theshop team

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