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Thank you for the witness vote shout out but we did not allow for you to plagiarize our @theshop business concept. Please do not copy and paste our buy & sell pages. We spent months creating the concept and building the templates and site for Steemit users to have a decentralized marketplace.

Although we are open to friendly competition we are not cool with you straight up copying our work. Replacing our logo with your own images and rewording some things does NOT clear you of plagiarism and as you know that's illegal. Although we are unable to force you to do so, we're asking you nicely that you cease and desist these operations and return to your previous or alternative form of operations. As you know all SP that @theshop earns goes into charities on Steemit and you are attempting to take away from that.

Best wishes
The @hyperfundit Team


Hello @hyperfundit team.

With all due respect, the business model that you speak of existed on @steemfleamarket since December last year - complete with our own submit form and regional hashtags in the hundreds.

I understand that I should have negotiated things with you first, however, given that you have set up @theshop using beautiful markdown (it's not a "site" and it's not hosted by you) and provided a private posting key for anyone to use - I assumed the whole idea was sitting on the open-source side of things so to speak. Is it not?

I also understand your concerns regarding "competition"- but @steemfleamarket is not here to fund projects - it's here to help grow individual accounts and engage the community, using a completely different and original vision, far ahead of @theshop.

Please acquaint yourselves with my introduction post when the project was born here:

In the same spirit of your comment, it can easily be seen that, the idea of @theshop, could also be classified as a direct copy of @steemfleamarket. Do you see what I'm saying? Things get complex in the space of free market ideas.

Can I respect your request to simply "get rid of" our @steemfleamarket? Of course and I'd be willing to do so. But I would first like to hear your thoughts on this matter, now that we're looking at things from a different angle and ultimately - let the users decide what they want to use.

We will have a separate website for our needs, but in the mean time - things are staying as they are. I'm happy to cooperate. How about a merger? If we're being real to one another. That's what a smart group would do and you guys seem to fit the profile. Do you like the long-standing idea behind @steemfleamarket? I'd love to see us work together even as the use-case scenario here is quite different than that of @theshop. If we can work this out, then I'll pass the ownership of the account to you and contribute what little I can to your team and projects. Just throwing it out there.

Thanks for reaching out guys and I hope you can also see where I'M coming from. No one is going to be taking anything away from anyone, we shouldn't worry about that.
Hope we find a middle ground together.

p.s. downvoting is not how you fund projects. And thanks to some clever algorithm, we have gained 200+ bot followers within a minute thanks to the #website hashtag that you've created - do you know anything about this? Not pointing fingers but I thought it was interesting.

Thank you for your thorough response. People mindlessly plagiarize our content every week, but this is a special case. You actually have a wonderful initiative with a meaningful vision :)

While we support project creators, we don't support plagiarism. HOWEVER, after diving deeper into your initiative, we have reconsidered your use of our templates so we have removed the flag.

If you had reached out to us first, we would've happily allowed you to use our content without a hitch. With that in mind for future references, when in doubt, always reach out.

We are also happy to make friends and cooperate. Would you like to discuss working together? You can contact us at [email protected]

We were getting annoyed with all the spam bots that were following us. Thanks for informing us that it's because of the website tag.


@hyperfundit Team

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