Steemmonster Tshirts and mugs

in webshop •  7 months ago

So I have dabbled a little more on my website

and changed some things in the shop area

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 17.06.37.png

I admit it is crude so far but I will see if I can get the golden epic monsters up there as well and make a specific section of the shop dedicated to Steem related logos and that includes steem monsters as well...

I talked to @aggroed on discord and he seemed ok with this and I really do not want to stomp on any toes here.

I even got in a Dtube and Steem logo for all the fans. I am still planning to attend Steemfest so I will definitely get me one for myself. Maybe even get out my artistic (almost non existent) talents and create something new for the occasion.

But for the moment this is it. Getting more logos and designs is the next priority, maybe get a contest going for some nice designs to compensate for my non existent artistic talent.

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 17.11.25.png

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 17.13.41.png

In the mean time I also sent @hashcash his 5 steem as a thank you for his good suggestion.

what do you guys think

always appreciate some feedback

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Thanks man! I am glad that my idea (even if a little bit) helped you with this project and I certainly appreciate the Steem you sent me as well :-)

Also..... The DTube goodies seems like a nice addition, and remember that most of the gamers are on DLive. The Steem Monsters are so hot right now, that any addition and mention of them is bound to create a good amount publicity all by itself :-)


lets hope so... Will check to add Dlive, the only thing I am worried about it intellectual property. I do not really know if the logos are open source and can be used for commercial gain or not


Although I think that you are in the safe zone but maybe checking up with their team might not be a bad idea.....