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In my frustration with the lack of honesty from mainstream media, I made somewhat of a hobby of digging up the truth and, with some interesting events on the horizon, I am pretty happy with what I've grown my little corner of geekdom to. A couple of years ago, I came up with "The Web of Slime" to describe how bad politics and its relationship with MSM really is.

I picked the orb weaver as my logo as a response to the Bohemian Grove motto, which is, "Weaving spiders, come not here." I picked the radioactive green because all these roads of corruption seem to lead to black market uranium.

Just under Web of Slime, alone, I'm probably at millions of words. I don't claim to be anything special, but I am a bit of a jack of all trades compared to a lot of people. Personality-wise, I am a tenacious problem solver.

But... one person engaging isn't enough. So, get yourselves out there. I face censorship every single day in ways I never dreamed would have existed. I face insults and threats and, when you really find something good, they come at you with false praise.

I'm trying to start maintaining a wider presence in a variety of places and I'm always looking for new suggestions:









I have a variety of feeds that I rely on for up to date news and tracking certain subjects:

Twitter News Feed (Mixed Views):

(You can turn reddit feeds into RSS feeds by adding ".rss" at the end of most links.)

Conservative News Web (Mostly Conservative Views):

Arrests Web (Non-partisan):

Uranium News (Non-partisan)

Expose The Cult (Non-partisan Cult News):

Conspiracy Multireddit:

I database and archive all relevant articles for research, then I attempt to spread around a trail of information that really tries to show you the bigger picture over the course of a series of news articles. I use this information to write articles under a variety of pseudonyms.

Going to give these a shot, as well.









Live Journal:

As a result of all the censorship, I began to create a few layers of operating and researching that involves a lot of automation. Now, my scripts take the heat from shills. Take note of entities like, where online shilling services are sold. I attempt to identify what keywords and issues they are looking to boost or to bury, then use my resources beyond the Web of Slime to cost them extra money. I do not get any financial reward from what I do with the Web of Slime, but I do cost the shill machine every single day. A lot of days, that is good enough for me.

More important though, is preserving the truth and making it as visible as possible. I certainly don't pretend to know all the answers. I don't pretend to be an insider. I have been fooled a few times, but I have a pretty good prediction rate because I understand how the great game works better than most and my hope is to impart that understanding upon others who are also interested.

All war is deception, but the deception isn't THAT hard to understand. The reason the deception machine is so effective is because most people are not able to see past the first layer of complexity. This isn't a matter of intelligence. It is mostly a matter of desire to know and motivation to know. Some deception can be really abstract , though, and I feel a lot of the spy versus spy stuff can be out of reach for a lot of people. They just will never get it, even though we have examples going back to Sun Tzu.

If you are a money launderer, like James Alefantis, it is hard for an average employed person to know at just one glance or one news article, about what he is up to. But, when you see the web of small businesses and non-profits and their tax returns, it starts to reveal that he is breaking down larger sums of money from some big players while advertising all kinds of weird occult stuff. Point being, once you start adding layers of complexity to your crimes, it becomes easy for the media to run interference for you because people who aren't motivated to understand just won't get it.

The Uranium One scandal is the same thing. The routes the Russians used to pour money into the DNC is too complex for people even though we have signed paperwork from both John Podesta and the Podesta Group that proves it. I've tried so many ways to explain it, Infograph it. Some other sources have done okay jobs, but Putin used many, many channels. It isn't possible for one person to casually keep up with. You really have to study what is going on, there, because the news isn't going to tell you the truth about it and the people who are supposed to investigate will just run a limited hangout. The facts point to a lot of exposed GCHQ involvement that, again, the news won't touch.

Either way, the facts are there and it looks like it is all coming to a head. But, the facts have been there for years. If I can find them, anyone can. Thanks for reading.


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