Nerd By Northwest #42 - "Orange Obsession"

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The interdimensional alien invasion fails to shake the mass media's current obsession...

Nerd By Northwest #42 - "Orange Obsession"
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I don't talk much about politics, and feature political topics in my webcomic even less. The first reason is that it's a challenge to find a funny spin when everyone is so quick to get pissed off or outraged these days. In a time when people are so bent out of shape about politics, I think its nice to have a place where it isn't talked about it incessantly.

Another reason is I'm pretty much a political atheist and as a result tend to get heat from BOTH sides. I dislike both Trump and the Clintons, but I don't see either as evil incarnate... just some power-hungry people acting out of a mix of self-interest and ideology. So I tend to get criticized by people from either side for not hating the "other guy" ENOUGH or, god forbid, daring to recognize or mention any positive aspect about them. Seriously, one of the best parts of living overseas is getting away from the American political circus of dips***s. I generally enjoy coming home for the holidays, but I also enjoy getting away from the circus.

Oh, and in case one wonders about having 'no casualties' despite the presence of headcrab zombies, the simple explanation is that these headcrab zombies arrived 'as is' from the other dimension. And unlike the original 'Half-Life', these 'Leisure-Suit-Larry-influenced' headcrab zombies are all about groping and copping a feel rather than ripping your face off. 😋

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Current politics seems to be beyond parody. I wouldn't have believed this could all happen


True enough. While I strive to have a semi-detached view of things and not get caught up in the political emotional roller-coaster, I can still appreciate the special weirdness of the moment. At least we can't complain we live in boring times, right? 😉