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Bitcoin price already skyrocketed to $7,500 and it is all times high. If you haven't bought BTC or you are looking to spend yours, Webcoin tokensale is a great lucrative way that can help you 100x your investment! Why Webcoin is so good to invest in right now?The Webcoin project and the Webhits.io Ecosystem will provide a solution to 3 major problems which European & North America countries struggle with:

  1. Offer at least 10x cheaper services than any social media self-serving platform.
  2. Unlike Bitcoin mining, every person with a laptop at home and social media profiles will be able to mine Webcoin tokens automatically and generate profits from their mining efforts.
  3. Create access for the European businesses and marketing agencies to advertise their websites, products and services to the Indian and Asian public(especially for the Chinese market which is extremely lucrative and it grows in size daily) through local social media networks which will be implemented within the Webhits.io Ecosystem.

The platform is not a concept. The project’s Alpha version is live for 8 months. The project development is half way done. The Webcoin team is currently raising funds through its crowdsale. The raised capital will be used to hire more programmers in order to speed up the process of launching the full platform & desktop app. So why not join the tokensale today? Webcoin tokensale -> https://webcoin.today

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