Web 3 and the evolution of government and property tax

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Blockchain is a wonderful future but we live today and so let's evolve to a better future.

Here's a web 2 example that I'd like to evolve to web 3


They're about 3,000 counties in the United States and they all do property tax in a different way.

Why? I don't think anyone knows.

It might be power it might be control it might be States rights and Counties rights.

But in the end we get a giant chaotic mess.

At the very least we as the citizens and taxpayers should have a way to organize all this information in one place.

Just look at Reddit posts where people are mystified by the entire system and they're all asking each other what happened.


Well if you go to https://prop.tidalforce.org/

You can see a search engine that allows you to search Hamilton County Tennessee for delinquent properties.

If you're interested in working on this project contact me at [email protected]

This is just the beginning we could add every county in the United States and eventually if the world cares, then the world 🌎🌍

All the links are shareable and restful

For example,

search on ZIP 37412:


search on anything at all:





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