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Thanks for sharing WebGrrrl! Agreed, old school blogging is very much alive and well in terms of SEO. Will be interesting to see how it's affected by blockchain and AI though! What are your thoughts on that?


I think the one key to making Steemit score higher in the SERP is to allow us map our domain names to Steemit directly. Virtually anything that achievable via self-hosted WordPress, the Steemit platform can do it, too.

Hey, this might be a great project for the Steem platform! I need to do this!

Thanks for your comment.

Agreed, mapping domain names would boost Steemit content in terms of SEO. That would be an interesting project, you should definitely pitch it to the Steemit HQ ;)

Instead of getting the Steemit developers to do it, I think a better option would be to build a platform on top of it, like

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