Free Satellite Internet Crowdfund

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Hello! My name is Cameron and I'm presenting the monumental task of pushing the innovation of the Internet forward.

The idea is Satellite technology exists and it's becoming cheaper. There is a demand to share storage at higher volumes and faster rates. So I propose something.

We need a larger foundation for the internet. One by which any human being can connect to for free. Just like GPS. This increases accessibility, improves economies, and creates more incentive for innovation.

We need to do away with messy cables on the planet. They cost a ton to implement and maintain. By using Satellite internet we eliminate the strings that attach our machines.

So my question to everyone is: Are you ready to bring the future to our front step now?

Risks and challenges

There are 3 possible issues that we must consider:

  • The current state of government and corporate systems on Earth that might interfere with the project.
  • Security: Designing a satellite that is immune to EMP radiation.
  • Backup Satellites in the event of downtime.

The solution is clear communication with world leaders to ensure the project is protected, and that it's in the best interest of their nations.

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Right. This is different than project Loon in a sense that crowd-funding is the difference. Should this project raise more money, I would knock on Google's door with this large incentive and team up with them.