Learn How to Automate Your Web Tasks

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Being a true online entrepreneur for a few years, I understand the necessity for automation. I must have spent hour after hour posting content, publishing the content to my own web sites, bookmarking, creating backlinks and even more. My time is expensive. I no longer wish to invest days, hours, and even many weeks carrying out the tasks even monkeys would be good at. In the end, each and every hour or so spent performing these mundane activities could be spent far more intelligently developing and taking care of my successful online company. Don't get me wrong, I would by no means jeopardize quality to attain automation. I would, however, make use of present technologies to accomplish a level of automation to allow me to concentrate my efforts on more essential day to day business matters.

I'm a developer by profession (or should I say the previous profession). This has helped a whole lot when it's come down to producing internet tools to help me carry out routine tasks. Almost all of my tools, or should I say scripts, happen to be developed in PHP. PHP is a superb scripting language but it can take a lot of time when making a complicated tool to automate straightforward Web tasks such as Social Bookmark Management or web scraping. My last script designed in PHP took me over six or seven weeks and all it achieved was to automatically create cPanel accounts on my VPS. Not good!

During a Google search about 3 months ago I stumbled over a brand new Visual programming tool called UBot. UBot enables the end-user (me and you) to write complex automated web robots that can automatically carry out virtually anything you would do yourself on the net. The beauty of UBot is the fact that the bot creation process is simply a simple matter of dragging and dropping commands within the GUI. It's saved me a great deal of time I can not start to explain. No more writing 1000's of lines of PHP code anymore!

Due to the fact, UBot is a visual programming language (VPL), it didn't take me very long to learn how to create bots. Inside of half an hour, I had my first bot up and running. Within a day I'd practically re-wrote all of the pieces of software I wrote in PHP. Pretty good for days work