What is your favorite season and why?

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First of all, I am in Africa and Nigeria to be precised. We have just two major seasons. Rainy season and dry season. Rainy or wet season is usually experienced between the months of March to October and dry season from November to February. Although there are slight variations from place to place.

Both seasons equally have their advantages and disadvantages but I prefer dry seasons. I'm not sure if it's because I was born during the dry season but this is usually my best times of the year for obvious reasons.

1. No matter how cold the dry season may be especially during the harmattan, as long as you're well shielded in a comfortable blanket or a good sweater if you have to go out. You're good to go. I hate rains and the kind of cold it comes with. I hate extremities generally but i still prefer the dry seasons kind of cold.

2. Dry air. There's a lot of dry air during the dry season. This of course is good, farm produce could dry faster, clothes too. On the other hand, during the rainy seasons, clothes may take as long as two weeks to dry completely and aside duration of time, clothes not properly dried develop a fowl smell. Thus, waste of time and efforts spent washing AS those clothes may require rewashing before they can be worn.

3. No floods in the street. Usually when it rains, it sometimes come with heavy floods that makes the roads and pathways inaccessible for movement in certain locations.  The best thing that could ever happen to me during rainy days is to be at home with electricity to keep me warm, while watching TV. It gives me a safe feeling. You don't experience that during the dry season. You are safe to navigate your way through streets without fear of falling into a flood of water.

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4. No matter how hot the dry season is, you could shield yourself with umbrella on sunny days but with rainy season, it could be impossible especially when such rain is accompanied by wind and thunderstorms. It could be risky as well.

5. Luxuriant growth of grassed. During the dry seasons, grasses dry and leaves turn brown too haven completed their yearly circle. But during the rain seasons, everywhere is green. In fact for homes situated close to farm lands, rodents and snakes visit the house often and you have to double up your pace and frequency of maintaining the house surroundings because grasses grow thrice as much during the rainy seasons.

6. Dry season encourages family gathering within the compound for those living in family houses and  Moon light play too by children. Nothing beats this feeling and nothing is compared to family get together. You can't do that during the rainy season. It spoils the love and fun too.

7. Out door activities. Usually in this part of the country, people are skeptical when planning events and social gatherings that involve outdoor meeting places because rain could mess up the plans without an apology. Its even said in some parts of Nigeria that people pay some traditional doctors to hold the rain for some days during some events. You don't have such challenges usually during the dry season. In fact, I've already made up my mind that my wedding and other big events have to be during the dry season. So I could channel my energy and prayers towards other things and not to waste time holding up rain or praying against it.

8. Drying of the skin , lips and other parts of the body is experienced during the dry season but with a good hygiene and good oil based cream, one can always adapt and cope. But with rainy seasons, people give excuses that they didn't sweat all day  since it rained and as such, there's no reason or need  for a bath. Ewwwwwww! Right? (LOL)

Rainy season is good no doubt, the freshness of the smell of green grass, the nice awkward smell of the earth especially during first rains, abundance of food from the planting seasons, beautiful vegetation and lot more. Sincerely, I still prefer dry seasons. I don't believe in reincarnation but if there's anything like that, I'd rather be born in dry season again.

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