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The insane bout of weather around the world just in the last couple of months doesn't look like it will be stopping soon. From forest fires, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes it may seem as if mother nature is fighting back against the destruction we have inflicted on her. At this point I can safely say our weather has been at least partially controlled by the elite for at least 100+ years with the earliest case being Charles Mallory Hatfield's developments in his own methods for making rain.

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It is no coincidence that the majority of the west coast was up in flames for months while the hurricanes in the south were building up. The fires may have played a role in the numerous storms down south but it is also possible that it is even easier to create these events by using the simplest form of alchemy which is turning water into air. Why would NASA be testing their RS-25 rocket engines during Hurricane Harvey anyway? We know that they admit to making rain clouds from their facilities near the Gulf of Mexico so this should be a red flag for anyone with eyes to see.

What are the chances that two of Mexico's worst earthquakes in history happened on the same day 32 years apart?! We know that 32 is a big number in Freemasonry being the degree of the Master Mason and 2nd highest degree in the Scottish Rite.

These are just a few incidents that seem to be scheduled long in advance. I encourage everyone to do their own research on these events and come to their own conclusions. Not to be a doomsayer but it's important to remember that what the government is doing and is capable of is worse than you can imagine. Not to mention the taxpayers are funding all this destruction being implemented through NASA, who seeks to control all space, not just the sky above us.

I myself can safely say that weather was never predicted, it was always scheduled.

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