Dlike Airdrop has landed

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Dlike a Decentralized Social Sharing App on Steem Blockchain,

As Dlike Turns 100 days Dlike has decided to giveaway 5 million (50,00,000) dlike tokens as a bounty airdrop to all steemians.

So i tried, and it seems so fun and easy.
Sharing is simple, just select share, enter your url and submit. It's done!
you can share any url from top social media sites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Now im excited to the android app to be launched as they announced.


Airdrop has already started and landed.
These tokens as an airdrop bounty program and anyone can claim these tokens. These tokens will be given for promoting dlike on different channels.


How to earned it?
Check this out


You can join Dlike Team As Moderator
or Deligator Dlike is giving 1:1 dlike tokens for all SP delegation plus 5% beneficiary rewards.

Dlike Website
Discord Channel
Follow me on Dlike

Thanks for reading and dropping by.


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