Real Wealth: What’s Left When Your Money’s All Gone (And How To Overcome The Devilish Saboteur Of Fear)...

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It's interesting how things we "learn" sometimes take years to sink in - or rather, we don't fully grasp the true meaning of them until years later, after having accumulated the direct life experience to really understand the depth of wisdom within them, versus the initial surface-level intellectual "knowing..."

One of the most influential teachers/mentors I ever had was Roger Hamilton, creator of Wealth Dynamics and Entrepreneurs Institute. There's no way to overstate the impact his philosophies & insight had on my development over the decade of immersing my young brain in his genius work. And one of the statements he repeated often throughout his programs that stuck out, went something along the lines of:

"Wealth is not money. Real wealth is what's left when your money's all gone."

Many in our society haven't lived from that.

To most, financial success, as measured by bank balance = wealth. However, we've all heard of the stories of lottery winners who months later after striking it big with millions, ended up broke again or in bankruptcy. Or as Roger also said,

"The more money you have, the more opportunities you have to lose it.

Sure, any of us would be happy to have crypto boom tomorrow and become millionaires over night. But would that make us wealthy? Probably not.

Because what Roger meant, was that it's the foundation of internal value, which is the real wealth.

Yes, a crypto boom could make us millionaires. But wealthy? Well, consider if the market crashed again a few days later, and never bounced back. What then...?

Of course, there's the perspective that the real wealth is in the basics: Health. Family. Friendships. Self-love.

And there's a good amount of truth to that, as anyone who may have made billions yet lost their health and family would tell you.

Though, Roger meant something different when he's said, "real wealth is what's left when your money's all gone." Those foundations of internal value he referenced were more, the abilities you have to make your money back again, were you to lose it all.

Or phrased differently... money is the outcome of wealth. Wealth is the capability for generating income.

Not a single source of income. Not a single opportunity.

But rather, the skill sets and mind sets with which you could create money time and time again.

Breaking that down more specifically, he outlined it as 6 core types of value:

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Talent
  • Knowledge
  • Contacts
  • Character

Passion... it's a fuel. It can drive us forward through the hardest of challenges, which is very often required on the path of success. And, it's contagious. It attracts. People and opportunities.

Purpose... it's kind of like a compass. Without it, where the fuck would we be going, and why would we even be here?

Talent... inevitably, some action needs to be taken, results produced. Talent encompasses the skills that enable us to produce outstanding results versus average - which consequently, generate wealth.

Knowledge... "is power," some have said. Without it, we're clueless. With it, we're far better prepared to recognize and seize opportunities as they enter our field.

Contacts... wealth is a collective game. "Your net worth equals the size of your network," it's been claimed. Or even without a large network, sometimes it takes just one person to open doors to wealth.

Character... honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, honor, dignity, respectfulness, patience, compassion... character takes many shapes and forms, developed through maturity, and often cultivated through the process of transforming knowledge to wisdom through its embodiment. Ultimately, its what sets the boys apart from the men - where the game for higher levels of wealth are played.

Not to get too textbook-ish here...

The reason I return to these teachings to share, is because I, myself, have looped back around to a point of needing to re-learn them at a far deeper level than when I first indulged in them intellectually.

Though I had spent my twenties lusting after wealth, passionately chasing opportunties, filling my cup with knowledge, aspiring to connect with industry leaders across a variety of fields, little of that seemed to amount to the money I wanted. Sure, I had acquired some interesting life experience under my belt. But the money... well, it's arrival was delayed. Until Steemit.

The timing was impeccable.

I'd been in Bali four years, burnt out on DJing, was planning to get married and return to Canada, clueless as to how I'd "make it" back in my home country, having exhausted nearly every money-making path I came across and tried. But when I stumbled into Steemit at its start, recently having been guided into the blockchain space, it lined up perfectly.

As said, "luck = preparation meets opportunity." I had gone through a shitload of preparation - amassed a wealth of knowledge, cultivated a wealth of skill writing, developed some degree of character along my road of struggles, and still had a good amount of passion and purpose to pour into the venture. And it paid off.

A couple months of leveraging that foundation of wealth produced more money than I'd ever made in a year. And I was off to my start growing a reasonably-successful crypto portfolio.

Since, it's had its ups and downs - further providing the experience to get the "more money you have, the more you have to lose" stance, observing over a million dollars disappear this year. Nonetheless, I'm still sitting with a net worth I couldn't foresee myself achieving before discovering Steemit. But...

I have not been feeling wealthy.

Some money has come and gone, and some has stayed around. Yet, despite knowing the "luck" I had with Steemit was a consequence of the preparation I put in - the foundation of internal value I spent over a decade developing - there's still been this gnawing sense that it was just a one-off "lucky break." And having also gone through the experience of losing most of what I made in the market this year, there's a bastardly temptation to fear, "what if I were to lose it all, or the market doesn't come back? What if it takes so long I have to sell off all my crypto holdings to pay bills in the meantime, and I end up missing the next big wave? What if I've been so distracted and off-track that I've been missing all the opportunities to create more wealth and keep taking myself out of the game?" Etc, etc.


Wealth Dynamics is based on the ancient book of changes, the I Ching. One of the core principles of the I Ching:

Everything moves through cycles of time.

Yin & yang. Peak & valley. Ebb & flow.

Before my opportunity with Steemit had arrived, it had been years and years of preparation. And while the high of success on Steemit was rather lovely, it'd probably be unrealistic to expect that wave would last forever, or that there'd be another after another after another right behind it. This reality, my inner over-ambitious, eager, over-achieving, addictive-personality sonuvabitch hasn't loved so much. Slowing down for the yin period, the ebb, the valley, hasn't been as fun.

And it appears, that with the pullback, retreat, retracement, period of consolidation, I have been giving way to the temptation of those fears noted above. And yet, such a period is a perfect opportunity for revisiting all these principles of wealth creation - to check in and see just how much I've been living them - to assess the degree of real wealth I've been cultivating.

That part of that's been all "go-go-go" for about 17 years... that bastard has driven my health into the ground, sabotaged friendships, consumed chance after chance at sustainable happiness - all in an obsessively-compulsive lust for money. Not wealth. Money.

He's been a short-sighted fucker, impatient to the point of driving me crazy, distorting my perception repeatedly, continually distracting me from prioritizing the cultivation of those 6 internal values.

Basically, he's been a fear-driven devil of a saboteur. He's refused to adapt to life, insisting that life ought to conform to his timeline and go according to his plans.

And perhaps, I can't point any fingers of blame, since I'm the one who's fed him.

Here I am, in a way better financial position than two years ago, yet I've moreless still been living with the same scarcity mindset. Steemit was an awesome blessing. Though, what real wealth have I created between now and then, such that I could repeat that level of monetary success once again...?

Yes, I've upgraded my character, grown my network of contacts, refined my writing skills, and increased my knowledge. So there* has* been real wealth cultivated. And perhaps I've just been blinding myself to that. Or, perhaps it's just that I've had unrealistic expectation of how soon the next wave of opportunity would come, and I'm still in process of working on the patience piece of a character upgrade.

Of course, there really should be nothing to worry about.

Despite the sharp decline in crypto markets and accompanying pain of the priceless "pay yourself first" lessons learned by not taking any profits at peak in January, which have dampered my spirits a bit, the sense of passion and purpose has remained. I'd committed my capital to crypto for reasons still believed in, and surely the markets shall rise once again.

Though in the meantime, it's been a really weird mindfuck, going through this period of self-assessing what to do from here.

That uncertainty has been unsettling.

I don't know what the next wave of opportunity will look like exactly. Tauchain? Earth Dollar? Those are the only two projects that've sparked a strong enough interest and desire to contribute to. Though, for as much action as I've taken toward either, the flow hasn't unlocked there. I thought it was time to refocus back to music production. Though that didn't work out quite as planned either.

Without rambling on too far...

Sometimes we just can't know.

And for all the goal-setting and planning we could do, sometimes life just takes a different course we can't foresee.

Regardless... there might always be that devilish saboteur of fear lingering on our shoulder, tempting us to fret when we can't see through the fog, persuading us to take our eyes off the prize: real wealth.

Not the money.

But that internal foundation of value upon which we are to build our kingdoms and empires, those six fundamental elements of passion, purpose, talent, knowledge, contacts, and character with which we may partake in the alchemy of wealth creation when those pristine waves of opportunity roll in.

And sometimes it's hard - or impossible - to practice surfing, when there are no waves.

But nonetheless, even in the off-days, we can always discipline ourselves in the preparation, such that when the swells come, that muscle-memory kicks in - like riding a bike - and we can charge those waves until their end.

(And perhaps once they're finished, manage our money a bit better, so as to hold ourselves over in stability and peace until the next set of opportunities present themselves...)

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@rok-sivante, Absolutely true subject and wealth is just not money and wealth can be defined as Position and that means no matter what situation we face, how we are tackling and in which position we are standing that is really vital aspect.

Yes, many people had so much money but, in my opinion in most of the cases people just developed money and nothing else, and when that money evaporated then they really fell hard in life.

So, we have to understand one thing and that is, no matter what at the end of the what you hold in Inner Self that is vital and most important subject and that means, if we don't have inner strength then no matter what we have or not we will going to face the Stagnancy.

And great to know that you've related yourself with this subject and that is really important aspect because, if one individual summaries different person's position may be it cannot throw that much of light in it, but in this case you had an relation with this post.

And from those points, there are two most important points and those are, Passion and Purpose. Both of these aspects plays the role of Engine in life. Passion always born that fire in you to walk on the path which is your true path and purpose always remind you regarding what this path will bring in your life.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Hi rok. You have been tormenting your self by not selling in January. You cannot think like that as you had and now you have but not as much. You have seen wealth and let it go. This is something you have learnt and loads of other people as well. The markets are cruel with highs and lows coming so close to each other.
I have always said I would rather not have than to have had and lost. I know how hard it is to get there and will not be greedy and risk everything. The ones that have had opportunities and haven't had to work very hard for their wealth won't know how to get it back. You are different as you know and have tasted it and know what to do in the future. It was a lesson well learnt as it has made you look at your self and ask the questions that matter. The market will come back and so will your wealth.

Reading the post to my understanding, the author isn’t ranting about the low price , it has come and we’ve taken it but the true value of the post is educating and enlightening about the true definition of wealth . What you’re talking about are the riches not wealth .

Of course, there's the perspective that the real wealth is in the basics: Health. Family. Friendships. Self-love.

This is my favorite part of the post
Thanks for impacting knowledge now and always, being wealthy isn’t the accumulation of riches but the ability to rise up again after the riches vanished either by accident or by self deeds that’s being wealthy.

I’m not picking on you just trying to enlighten me and you more on riches and wealth .

I understand what you are saying and the impact of losing what one had with wealth has made the author realise that there is wealth in other forms. I know and get that totally and have always said myself that without health and all the others you can't enjoy the wealth.

True words, I totally agree with the conclusive part of the reply. Keep steeming and touching lives

While its absolutely true that real wealth is not about money, one should always take reasonable steps to recover losses if they are available. This is especially true if it is helping a community they are part of.

That's why everyone who has seen the value of their crypto holdings fall hugely since Facebook censored the Crypto Community by banning its ads should Join the Class Action against the illegal Crypto Ad Ban!

My b.f and I lost 25k between us for not taking profits at the peak too. He had the bulk of it, so it's hit him far harder. He still beats him self up about it and then feel's angry at him self and say's things like 'oh it's only money i should not get so upset etc'. I have told him it's ok to be upset, it's not just money, it was a hope of a bit of financial freedom, we've learned our lesson we essentially got greedy- it will go up more etc. You and us and probably most of the people invested did exactly the same thing.

The crypto world since then has been rather disheartening, but as you said it's all in waves, it can't be stagnant - it feels it at the moment, but the next wave will come.

We'd probably have blown it all anyway! Ha terrible with money. With me not working full time at the moment either we're learning how to handle it much better, never realised how wasteful i was with it, and i always believed my self to be 'good' with money. The last 6 months has been tough, bills aside, i have learned that i can actually get by with next to nothing, i would not choose to be in this position no, but as each month passes im less fearful, i am getting by, don't get me wrong is sucks balls! But once bills are paid, it' surprising how very little you actually need. The rest is just stuff you want. Im going to make him read this blog, i think it would help him.

Hi @rok-sivante, I do fully agreed that a crypto boom can make one millionaires but the actual wealth is all about the character one owns. Values and norms matter a lot in one's life to make it worthy. It is all about the approach one adopts to tackle various situations of life in honest way. Yes, real wealth is hidden how one supports the fellow humans.

Character... honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, honor, dignity, respectfulness, patience, compassion... character takes many shapes and forms, developed through maturity, and often cultivated through the process of transforming knowledge to wisdom through its embodiment.

Thank you so much for giving the motivation to live a wonderful life :)

Just paying it forward brother, as now it is your responsibility to carry the torch onwards... ;-)


I always try my level best to adopt these traits and I promise to excel in it. Off course it is the duty of all of us to carry these traits to earn the real wealth, once again thanks lot :)

  ·  last year (edited)
Estimado amigo @rok-sivante daré mi opinión al respecto:
  • Me encantó tu post.
  • Es inspirador
  • Siento que ante todo debemos conocer nuestras actitudes y aptitudes, sabes para que somos buenos, hacer un estudio de nuestro ser, de lo profundo para conocer a plenitud que donde poseemos, que función cumpliremos en nuestra vida.
    Luego conocer nuestras fortalezas y debilidades, ero también las amenazas y oportunidades.
    Es un excelente relato me fascina leerte.
    Dear friend @rok-sivante I will give my opinion about it:
  • I loved your post.
  • It's inspiring
  • I feel that first of all we must know our attitudes and aptitudes, you know what we are good at, study our being, how deep we are in order to fully know where we are, what function we will fulfill in our lives.
    It is an excellent story that fascinates me to read to you.
    It is an excellent story.


      ·  last year (edited)

    I just love the way you use this post to touch different aspect of life, setting examples with yourself. You talked about wealth and riches and also pains and gain. I love all part of the story and i must say this line inspired me more.

    And for all the goal-setting and planning we could do, sometimes life just takes a different course we can't foresee.
    Using my self as an example, i always plan with what i have, set budget for myself and focus on building more. I learnt the hard way from that your lines when i purchased that stuff i told you about and l will i say the enemies or negative side of life struck me with his plan and almost took away everything i have. Thanks to you @rok-sivante who saved my ass . Now you can see that at times we planned and it will go as planned while at times at will be a nail on the butt.

    I know there is that greed that always says in us, dont sell yet, keep acquiring, that is life for us. We are always wise when it has happened. Bad part is that you can also sell back then at January and now, you wont be able to account for it.. That is the nature of life.

    I saw two friends who worked at same company been paid $500 and one was able to use/account for his money after 15 years while the other wasnt able to account for it. funny enough the one that was able to account for his, was the one that is always womanize. You see, different stroke for different ...

    bottom line, Life has it own plan even when you planned.

              We learn everyday @rok-sivante. 
              I pray we dont make same mistake 
               twice, that could be the worse effect.

    Everything happens for a reason...if you have not cashed in January doesn't matter...may be something more benefecial waiting for you..time is important and fruitful.
    Anyhow, My dad use to say...Money is not everything...."Love & Respect that you give and earn is the real wealth of your life. People always remember you for your good deed rather than for your money"
    Btw love to know...monetary investment is importanf to be successful or the knowledge of writing, and expression of thought make people sucessful on steemit?

    Posted using Partiko Android

    The grammatical correctness of your last question is a bit off, so not 100% clear... though if I’m interpreting correctly, I’d say more the latter... (and the monetary piece might be more the fruits)

    Oh my bad..i didnt noticed...
    As you mentioned, over the post that, you have capitalised on your experience and knowledge, when you were introduced to Steemit , once back to question was on that only
    If people need to invest money to buy steem and increase their influence or just keep up blogging and sharing and earn rewards to be successful??

    I feel all whales and dolphins have invested their money in Steem thats why they were sitting on me if I am wrong..

    Posted using Partiko Android

    All I invested was my time and energy.

    Though, it’d be a delusion to say anyone could repeat my success, as it was partly a matter of timing, and partly due to the internal value I had brought to and leveraged through the platform.

    There are numerous paths to success, whether on Steemit or in other ventures. Though the increase of those 6 internal values will always reap results exponentially greater than mere financial investments.

    (And even the financial investment game requires a certain degree of knowledge, talent, and purpose to succeed...)

    Understood....but i asked a generic question with your post reference. Noting specific about you only.

    I saw many bigwigs not posting any content yet many user are following them in hope to get some love....obviously such bigwigs have their investment back up

    Posted using Partiko Android

    I wasn’t the only one here who’s done well financially here by investing nothing but time and energy creating content.

    So there’s your answer right there. No theory. Actual results.

    I know sir....👍

    Posted using Partiko Android

    The two most important things for me are purpose and character. If you have those two I feel everythimg else just falls in place.

    All these tips with my hat off to the writer @rok-sivante

    nice post.
    i love it

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    The reason I return to these teachings to share, is because I, myself, have looped back around to a point of needing to re-learn them at a far deeper level than when I first indulged in them intellectually.

    Excuse me for sum it up to just a couple of quotes @rok-sivante. But what else could I add here if you have already said and explained everything clearly in your excellent post.

    Same as I've included them in many of my previous articles also, I believe that at the end of the day everything in life is reduced to this couple of.. erm... 'appointments'.

    "Richer and happier is not who have more but who need less"


    "Once reached a minimum threshold is richer who needs the least"

    Hence my friend, knowing that your true wealth resides inside the rooftop of your head and it used to extends till the fingertips of your old school arms not long ago to make people dance with frenzy joy all night long. I have no doubt that those pristine waves of opportunity will roll in one more time whether that be in Bali, Canada or anywhere else.

    And to not extend me more and make this comment too annoying. I'll just leave you here with a few buckets of inspiration for the coming weekend. };)

    After all, you already knew it!! ¿Right?

    ”If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” ~ unknown

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    Not a fucking chance in hell.

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    That was well deserving, it's very obvious Lol....

    This word 'no chance in hell' remind me of the theme song of Mr Vince Mcmahon, the chairman and owner of WWE