would you rather be rich or wealthy?

in wealth •  last year 

I see so many people who are focused purely on financial wealth.

They want to be RICH.

To me wealth is far more than a matter of finance.
After all you can have a wealth of friends, or a wealth of knowledge. 

To focus on just money is to miss out on true wealth.

This is one of the aspects of mlm or network marketing that I love.
Not only am I increasing my financial wealth, and the financial wealth of those who join me, I have made a wealth of friends and increased my knowledge in the process. 

I have not only absorbed knowledge. I have learned how to pass that knowledge to others.

The relationships I have made are every bit as valuable, actually they are more valuable, than any financial wealth I have gained.

So what do you consider to be wealth?

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Awesome thanks for sharing! You've got a new follower! right now im working with a multi-millionaire named Robert Hollis and he has allowed me to give his book away for free. his even alowed me to give a couple of his training programs away for free.

To tell u frankly i had money before. But i choose something else. Now if i have i support. I left my job i left my country and i went to ph just to make something better. Now even i am just a dust in the wind but every day i try to make the world a better place.

I think if you come from a position of wanting to help others you will find the tools to do so and if you find the right tools they will help you also. This is why I love MLM. Myself and others who I work alongside are helping people around the world to change their lives. Nothing beats the feeling I get from seeing the success these people gain.

So True!!