12 ways the rich control our daily lives

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I used to take my free will for granted. Then I dug a bit and found out that the rich always wanted to control the poor. As a way of keeping their spot at the top. It started as bread and games under the Romans. It did not stop with modern technology, for some of that tech is actually meant to enhance this control over our lives and behaviors. So how do they do it? Let's find out.


1 - bread. If people starve they'll revolt. A way of preventing that is giving them access to food even though they can't feed themselves through their job, or lack of it. That means anything going from food stamps to coupons, weekly deals and so on. It's all meant to keep bellies full. Full of what is another story, as you can guess what's going into these bellies won't be the same as what's going into wealthier ones. But a full one won't revolt, as illustrated by Juvenal in the expression panem et circenses.

2 - games. Entertainment. We no longer have chariot races. We have car races. We no longer have gladiator fights. We have boxing, wrestling, MMA and battle royale video games. Apex Legends has signed up 10 million players within three days of its launch. If that doesn't say something I don't know what will. Guess what: the game is free. What Freud would say about our collective subconscious would probably involve our collective mom, the state, in very nasty ways.


3 - culture. I separate it from entertainment, although the goal here is to turn culture into entertainment. If people start viewing themselves as a separate group they will gather and start acting in their own best interest. That may be removing you from the throne and that would be bad. A prime example would be to look at how the hip-hop movement, which started as a group empowerment movement, was captured by the entertainment industry and turned into a way of promoting bad influence on minority youths. I recommend the video made by Jerry Kroth in at the end of the article, you can skip to 42:43 for this example although the rest of the video is certainly worth watching.


4 - housing. Housing has a real impact on mental health. Poor housing results in poor sleep, which in turn results in lowered cognition or ability to think clearly. That was one of the main tenets of euthenics, a branch of human sciences pioneered by Ellen Swallow Richards, the first female student and instructor at MIT. In short, people should have a right to environment. Now this would mean giving access to everyone to a decent living, and a decent night of sleep. That alone would break a barrier to entry into the top. That's essentially why the discipline was only briefly taught before being divided into several components like psychology and house economics, not to allow the idea to gain too much traction. That way we can keep paying high rents for low quality dwellings according to the laws of supply and demand, disregarding most of the consequences.


5 - work. You can't expect everyone to be handed over food stamps, that would be too easy. But people working by themselves may start thinking by themselves. That's why it is best to play on economies of scale to make those who would make a living for themselves and family by working alone, work instead in a multinational where they'll barely make ends meet due to international competition. Now a way of achieving that includes economic free trade areas as in the EU or USMCA.


6 - education. By law, the young in their most formative years are sent to the state. By the time the child returns to the family their parents have become strangers, as some may come to realize during the puberty crisis. Church and state separation meant that the vacuum could be filled by putting material wealth as the definition of a successful existence. Raising a family had to move to the background for the required processing to deliver the results. Public funding for these institutions was secured with that goal in mind. Never mind that most of them would be educational disasters, the goal of a contemporary school is not to teach but to process. Those actually making it through can be further processed by higher education, which sadly has a tendency to make young people think a bit too much. The solution is to inflate the cost of higher education and provide financing for it, so you don't really reduce the number of graduates. What you do is impose a debt burden on them, and that does a very good job at preventing them from revolting like they did during the Vietnam war. So they'll have money as their main objective in life, they'll be indebted as soon as they are done with their studies, and that gives you more leeway in terms of what law can and cannot be passed without causing an uproar.


7 - health. Now of course, the jobs are not there so you'll have to work on managing expectations without having them revolt. This is achieved through under-employment and by putting immigration at the service of the economy to de-regulate it. Underemployment means that you at least have a job. Unregulated immigration is there to keep wages down and increase homelessness. Making it rampant across city centers means everyone sees it so they'll take the job even if it does not require a degree. This of course causes depression, which is where anti-depressants and addictive substances come in, then drugs later on. These are only there to prevent people from revolting, while slowly but surely setting them on a path towards the grave. Someone addicted does not revolt, they only want their next fix. In this category you'll find tobacco to reduce retirement charges and benefits, marijuana to numb people from the gigantic void they feel as a result of everything stated above, alcohol and an over-prescription of painkillers as Oxycodone, etc. This is the backside of every western health system. Then when the last financial crisis hit and a few drug prices started increasing a hundredfold, dating apps came out. Their goal is to make people catch non-curable stds that require permanent treatment. The rich don't need apps to get laid. So more public funds can be diverted away from the public and serve as welfare for pharmaceutical stockholders, i.e. the rich.

8 - news. Make sure the news don't contain anything relevant. Better yet: make news about two opposing political parties to give an impression of choice and watch them fight another. That's what you want the news to do. To make people fight another so they don't fight you. If that means playing on basic urges, racism or plain bigotry does not matter as long as it keeps your status at the top intact. That would certainly explain the advent of junk news in recent years. Or as someone said once, "hit them with fear then load up a political message. Works every time."


9 - technology. That one is the latest newcomer. It's actually possible to measure what junk news story makes people react in order to craft content to maximize its effect. Check this: https://newsaggregator.oii.ox.ac.uk/. While this specific link is intended as a research tool, the technology behind the internet is at the service of the top. You probably know which companies are involved I won't go through them. But if some tech gadget wants to know something about you, it's only to find a better way of making people react. That's memetic warfare for the masses, the latest military tactic brought upon civilians to control them. Plus, free porn in every household. Marriage no longer required. Thanks, technology!


10 - sex. Check E. Michael Jones on his segment called "The Wages of Sin". You can find the link below. He defines the western world as being one big gay disco. Because you'll only take the lower wage if you don't have kids. If a guy has kids and realizes he's unable to provide for his family... that causes too much trouble with HR, so families are no longer encouraged by the economy. Instead we have the gay disco so we can be free and proud and those who work can live paycheck to paycheck.


11 - Army and law enforcement. Take the fittest and brightest of the lot and make them better off. If you don't they'll come after you. If you really screw it up they'll be the ones to expedite the regime change. Everything hinges upon them. Tell them they're defending the country, play upon their sense of patriotism to secure your position, subvert national interests to serve yours. Tell them they're defending others from harm and make then defend an economy in which it is legal for the rich to take from the poor. Then make the opposite illegal while keeping them better off. That way you have security for the system and the ruling class altogether. Use strict gun laws so that no change can ever happen without being introduced by the wealthy. Have them report regularly and introduce new laws to cool things down when appropriate. Or pass them so that revolt-prone demographics end up in jail as a way of getting rid of opposition.


12 - wealth. Under no circumstance shall the poor become rich. If that happens, power will have to be shared and we just can't allow that. How do we do this? Inflation. Money printing. Rent increase. The stock market. Make bubbles to have people throw their savings into something that will look like it can give them a middle-class lifestyle based on recent performance, then of course when everyone has invested in it you sink the stock price with derivatives. Only financial institutions can access them in an amount sufficient to make the market go one way or another. Some of you will remember the bitcoin crash that occurred as soon as Bitcoin futures became traded on CBOE. It is also essential to prevent precious metals from rising. That is done through constant derivative printing (non-deliverable forward of futures contract) as it is the natural price expectation that when demand increases with more people then prices go higher. The whole thing would crumble and the price would go through the roof if only 10 percent of gold or silver contract holders asked for a physical delivery. To see how they do it you can check Brett Le Brocque - Mass psychology of the market on youtube. He gives a very simple explanation using a coconut.

I can't come up with another, which is a good sign since we end at 12. Knowing about them is the first step towards free will. That is, recognizing behaviors brought upon us by generations of wealthy groups to allow one to think a little more by themselves.

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