Simple list to apply to your preparation for eco crisis

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A small simple list to prepare for an upcoming economic crises 🦁

Real estate in a crisis economy

  • Be Certain of numbers
  • Stay away from long rehabs
  • Back up plans
  • Avoid thin deals (Want good profit margin)
  • Avoid leverage at all cost
  • Stay away from the high end market

What I’m doing to Prepare

  • moving some assets to cash
  • Open credit lines
  • Build credit
  • Assume the worst
  • Restructure short term debt
  • If you see markets turning cuts your losses (Don’t chase the market down)

4 buckets (Dump You profits in [25% each] )

  • Extra cash reserves
  • Real estate holdings
  • Retirement
  • Business that other people run

Goals to make for yourself

  • leverage , hire someone to do things you don’t enjoy
  • Security wealth
  • Net worth
  • Marriage
  • Legacy
  • Help 10 people become millionaires
  • Donate back to the community certain number per year


Stay ahead of the herd follow my journey!

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