Dallas Love Tribe Stands with Standing Rock

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On November 2nd a group of 9 individuals from the Dallas Love Tribe (including myself) will be traveling to Standing Rock to stand in solidarity with our native american brothers and sisters. They will be delivering funds and supplies to the Sacred Stone Camp.

We are hosting an event to share prayer & create art in exchange for money & supplies for the Warriors @ Standing Rock. 100% of donations will be used in the following ways:

* Gas for the travelers to fill up the vehicles transporting people and supplies up to Standing Rock.
* Rental of a U-Haul to tote donated supplies
* cold weather camping supplies for travelers to use while at Standing Rock
* To purchase items off of Standing Rocks needed supplies list to be delivered
* Cash donation and/or gift card donation for Standing Rock.
(All receipts for supplies and gas will be kept and published in this feed)

WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! HELP us show Standing Rock that Dallas, TX has Water Protectors and Warriors on their side. May our support be extraordinary!!! )))<3(((

[Please watch this video to for an inside look into the stand-off @ Standing Rock] https://www.facebook.com/TYTpolitics/videos/1769385583309149/

The following will be available at the event on a cash donation basis (100% of contributions will go to the cause)

Do you have a craft that you would like to volunteer and offer proceeds to the Standing Rock Fund? Please message me and I will add you to the event!

OR, if you would like to fulfill something specific from Standing Rocks needed supplies list, you can bring any of the following:
(please do not bring items not listed)

*Firewood (preferably oak, maple, ash)
*Tipis/Tipi poles/Tipi liners for winter
*pick-up tuck w/ 4 wheel drive
*Trailers/campers (for winter shelters)
*Snow Tires - various sizes
*Gift cards for Lowes or Menards (there is no home depot near by)
*Shipping container 20ft.
*Sleeping bags for subzero temp (inc. military style)

*Air tank
*banners, sheets (we love it when you make banners and send them to us)
*Battery packs for charging phones
*Canvas-heavy duty only please
*Car ports
*Carts and wheelbarrows for hauling wood
* Fire extinguishers
*Fuel tanks
*Fur blankets
*Gas cards
*Gas generators
*Insulated carhartt type coveralls, overalls, coats
*Material for tobacco ties
*Propane heaters
*Ropes, tie downs
*Solar chargers for electronic devices
*Solar panels, inverter
*Heavy duty Storage bins
*Tarps - heavy duty
*Tire chains
*Tents (that can stand high winds, snow, subzero)
*Thermal bed rollsTHERMAL BED ROLLS
*Tow straps
*Walkie talkies with long range, CB radios
*Water buffalo tank
*Water tank with heater
*Winter coats (for VERY cold temp, good condition please)
*Winter salt for roads
*Wood Stoves
*Young warriors

Cash donations also welcome at event, or through this link: windsongmovement.org

We will also be holding space for:
7:15 Sacred Fire Lighting Ceremony
8:00 Water Ceremony
9:00 Meditation
10:00 Prayer Ceremony
10:45 Initiation of the Water Bearer and Traveler Send-off

Live music through WindSong ~
(Check us out online @ windsongmovement.org/music)

Please bring a small vessel of any water that you can collect from any streams, lakes, ponds, oceans or rivers!
(don't worry, your container will go home with you)

Feel free to bring instruments, songs, and prayers and any personal snacks or beverages. No alcohol please. This is a sober event & will be held outdoors. Thank You!

Mni Wiconi!

WindSong Movement & The Dallas Love Tribe!


have a nice time.
see you in the spring.

I will be sending prayers y'all's way

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