Some hypocrisy related to hate speech

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What I'm going to say resembles what John Cleese has said a little bit that I like because he's made me laugh quite a bit. The truth of the matter is I've been experiencing hate speech all my life, particularly at school and at work. It hasn't been because of my race nor because of my sexual orientation. It hasn't been because of what I've been. It's been because of what the critics have been. You see each one creates the world for himself in his image and if you believe him he might as well do the same for you too.

That some movements are picky what should be called 'hate speech' without even defining precisely what that should mean, without being mindful to not do it themselves, has been because they wish to promote conflicts themselves. They wish to divide us from each other and from ourselves so they can then forcefully bring us together again into a miserable chaos soup and force us to 'co-operate' and to do their work like proper slaves, so they can also then sell us their 'anti-depressants' and 'anti-anxiety' pills.

John Lennon, JFK, King, Socrates and few other bright folks were truly dangerous to the establishment (from it's own perspective) for they promoted expansion through love and co-operation, not through hate. Love and free will are close relatives, you see; that's why they wanted them murdered. And others have had their reputation 'murdered' too, for the same reason.

Do you want be dangerous too? Be well and help others be well too. That's the only true way to expand. And hate is the way to shrink. And if you think some would hate you and others to be well, understand that to be that means to defeat them. And to engage them means to get dragged into their game. Such people are too dishonest and cowardice to ever fight anyway. They most often orchestrate other's fights instead. And afterwards they collect the loot from the corpses.

Let some hate, if they do. It is their perfect right to be, think and say whatever they want to; even if that means to be unable to think a single thought of their own and to criticize things they don't bother to understand. To determine yourself is also your own perfect right as well. And if you let exterior events determine you, it will be you who will let that happen too.


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