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Watching them played gives you a sense that Switzerland
is the pure winner.
Football is not like that.
A mediocre team can at any time win the match.
Not the case in this World Cup.
Sweden proves to be worthy to win this match.
The pressing can be seen where whoever shoot the most
eventually win the match.
Ball possession in this World Cup does not matter much.
63% for Switzerland.
Quite a stunning goal and a first for Sweden in a while
to reach quarter final again England.
Shaqiri and Rodriguez was worrying Sweden but to no avail.
You got to score otherwise desperation will leak all over the field.
Congrats to Sweden.
Switzerland could have done better, until next time.




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I think I will watch all the replay because I missed all the world cup

All that matters is the result...The winner of the game deserves to win the match...thats the way I view competition

Nice post sir
Please upvote mine @udokon

Playing possession without scoring a goal is worthless, switzerland did the playing while sweden did the goal scoring. At the end what matters most is who win the match , and Sweden proves to be the winner of the match. Congratulation to Sweden for making it to the quarter final @pouchon

it was badluck for swizerland