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I love to see a football game where the score is like a tennis set.
This one was close.
The first half was scoreless.
I see why it is important to have players play oversea or
big tournaments.
Most countries participating in this World Cup have most of
their players in Spain, England, France, Italy, etc...

They all know each other through Champions league or Europa league.

Japan shows a spectacular defeat at first.
Belgium shows a courage to finish strong a win the game all the way to the end.
5 goals in 45 minutes.
Japan scored two goals within 4 minutes.
Belgium scored two goals within 5.
No need for extra time.
Belgium did something that was done 48 years ago. No other team ever come back
from 2-0. West Germany did it in 1970 against England.

Congrats to Japan for coming over and surprise everyone.
Congrats to Belgium, Brazil is next.
Something amazing to watch, after the game Japanese fans
stayed and help clean the stadium.
Impressive, good manners even their team lost.




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I missed the entirte world cup 2018

Classic Belgium! What a game it was.

The game was an entertaining game that is fill with thrilling moments and classic football between each team . The Japanese team tried and impress with their game strategies , but the Belgium side was more classic and superior in the game . Congratulation to the Belgium team for wining the game @pouchon