Anything but Pad Thai [ PHOTO CONTEST! ] - Hot Fudge Oreo Ice Cream Cake'

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Hello, this is my entry to @waybeyondpadthai 's contest anything but pad thai!
I want to win $500 or so... So I decided to join and you should too! Here's the original link and contest rules: Link

The Hershey's Hot Fudge Oreo Ice Cream Cake!


If you want to get sugar high, then this is the recipe for you!

It contains layer after layer of sugar!
The crumb is made of smashed oreos and butter!
The next layer contains Vanilla Ice Cream
Stacked with hot fudge (and frozen again)
Top that with whip cream
Sprinkle some chocolate bits.
And why not cram a full Oreo cookie on the top as well?


Don't forget the milk!IMG_3167.JPG

Oh and yes! I made it!

My Post Copy.jpg

See that fudge dripping down?!?! Well you can have it if you make this too! I'll be posting a full length video soon so be on the lookout for that! (sorry Mo had to promote myself a bit too haha)...

I'll nominate @goldmatters for an entry to the contest, let's see what kind of golden recipe he can come up with (mene style) If thats ok with @waybeyondpadthai XD

That's all!

Love, Lydia Alpha

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Greetings, Lydia

Without a doubt, you will be the winner of this contest. Excellent and tasty food. Just looking, I think I've already fattened something around 15 kilos.

Thanks and good luck in the contest !!!


You never know! I'm pretty sure there will be some good posts. haha (I only ate a little bit).

wonderful food photography my friend ❤😊❤ Looks delicious :hungry: 😉


Thanks! Your welcome to join!

Oh good lord that looks sinful!

You’ve piqued my interest, gonna go check out that contest 💓


I think it is! Woo hoo! Can't wait to see your entry!

Is there any deadline for this challenge? I can't find this in the challenge post.


Yes i think you have untill payout. So like 4 days or so.


I cross my fingers for you :)

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It’s looks like a diabetic dream shopping cart got let loose in the parking lots and smashed all the stuff together. Lol


That's exactly what it is! hahaha

The sugar in this will keep me hyper for hours.


Nothing wrong with that!


Not unless you want to sleep :-)

I can't come to your page anymore. I'm trying to quit sugar and gosh this didn't help haha. Now I want to quit quitting sugar! Aw man I'm sorry, just tried to upvote and it locked me out! Didn't realize this was at 7 days