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Telos Central was founded in October of 2018 when we joined the Telos Testnet about 6 weeks before the main net launch.

I started off as an exited ICO investor with the opportunities that EOS brought, as well as the potential the project had to change the blockchain space dramatically. Unfortunately, as time passed by, the flaws started to show and as the side chains projects were announced, realized that there was much more to the EOSio ecosystem than just EOS.

I wanted to be involved more than just an investor and liked the amendments that Telos made to the EOSio software in order to address the challenges EOS was facing.
Telos Central was born and we joined that chain as a block producer and have been producing blocks on the Telos main net and since December 2018 and the Telos test net since October 2018.

We realized very early on that things were happening fast and wanted to keep track of it somehow.
We decided to launch the Telos web directory, which is hosted on the teloscentral.com domain.

Public website URL

Telos Central Web Directory.

Active social media links:


Official WAX Guild candidate name:

EOSio Central

Location of company headquarters:

Düsseldorf, Germany

Expected location of servers:

Düsseldorf, Germany

Tech specs

We have primary and secondary, bare-metal servers with the following specifications:

Primary MainNet Node: (Upgraded: 15/09/2019)

Processor: Intel® CoreTM i9-9900KF Processor.
Connectivity: 120Mbps.
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
Storage: 4TB

Secondary MainNet Node: (Deployment Date: 01-09-2019.)

Processor: Xeon E3 1245 V2 Processor.
Connectivity: 120Mbps.
OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
Storage: 1TB

The RAM will be upgraded as required with network growth.

Current employee list and pictures:

Stephan Hendriksz.
Founder and owner of EOSio Central.

Relevant background qualifications:

Electrical engineer that specializes in process control system design.

Estimated scaling plan for hardware:

Hardware will be upgraded as required.

Community benefit project outline:

We'd like to start off with a web directory for WAX as well, but aim to develop more tools software as our team grows.

Your thoughts on:


In my experience, as someone who grew up in South Africa, governance can ruin in a country in a relatively short period of time and that governance is only as good as the integrity of the politicians in parliament.

I strongly believe that blockchain has the ability to bring back the trust factor, which is needed in order for economies to grow and flourish.

Blockchain is still relatively new and not without flaws of its own and having been with EOS since the beginning of the ICO to where it is today, we still have a way to go to perfecting governance on-chain. With that being said, in my opinion, the EOSio software far beyond anything else out there as far as technical capabilities are concerned and that's the reason why I commit all of my free time to EOSio projects and development.

Transparency and accountability:

EOSio Central will disclose and maintain full transparency of all stakeholders, as well as our infrastructure.


As a block producer on an EOSio chain, we are running bare-metal servers with CPU execution times under 1ms. We're not against cloud servers such as AWS, but prefer being in full control of our infrastructure, and that CPU execution times below 2 ms should be standard for all block producers.

Stephan Hendriksz.
Telos Central.

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