Wavvy Music Accolades #9 ~ Week 20, 2020 ~ by cXc Music (music.cxc.world)

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Wavvy Music Accolades

Week 20, 2020

Watch the awards here, presented by Ammon

🏆 Winners 🏆

Music Video

Workout by Capitano

📍 Berlin, Germany
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Capitano juxtaposes a wealthy couple bowling in their indoor alley with a rambunctious rockband. Though they share the same space, neither party seems to be bothered by the other. I think this is a powerful metaphor for the world at large, as we all share the same lifesphere, yet there is plenty of room for each to fully express themselves. This song and idea gives us hope that we can keep living in our highest truth, and continue to cocreate a wonderful world of unity and harmony with everyone who wishes to collaborate, regardless of those who choose to push towards fear and separation.

🕵 Discovered with 20,851 views, 174 likes on Youtube

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🔗 Find Captino on: capitanomusic.com


I'm Not Sure What It Is by Badly Drawn Boy

📍 Manchester, England, UK
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This track reflects on losing focus of where we are going because we lose clarity on who we are. The song is part of Badly Drawn Boy's first album in 8 years called Banana Skin Shoes. The album is a reflection on how the artist and the world at large have slipped up a bit in the last few years. Luckily, we have music like this to help us get back on track.

🕵 Discovered with 733 views, 44 likes on Youtube

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🔗 Find Badly Drawn Boy on: badlydrawnboy.co.uk

Live Performance

Marjorie by Josephine Odhil

📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands
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In this gentle serenade of psychedelic rock, I felt like I was standing right there with the band, mildly tripping on a mind altering substance, and looking at wherever my attention wandered. This is a short escape worth taking!

🕵 Discovered with 784 views, 51 likes on Youtube

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Sol Soliloquies by Eimaral Sol

📍 Austin, Texas, USA
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From the first song Sunflower, we are transported to a magical world of self discovery and expression. Sol's voice is beautifully layered upon instruments, synths, and even Abraham Hicks. The music transmits a valuable message of aligning with our excitement, without letting anyone hold us back, including ourselves.

🕵 Discovered with 639 views, 13 likes on Youtube

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🔗 Find Eimaral Sol on: solsoliloquies.com

📰 News Section

Headline: Hip Hop to the Top

For the next few weeks before cXc Music Beta is released, we will be highlighting one genre or mood on cXc Music.

This week we are highlighting hip hop.

We published the top hip hop charts on Steemit, Hive, Hive, and Reddit. So check that out and leave us a comment right here of what genre you want us to look at next week.

ℹ️ About the Wavvy Music Accolades🕺 🌊

An accolade is a recognition of merit. We started the Wavvy Music Accolades to recognize AWESOME music that has somehow remained undiscovered.

✔️ Rules


🏆 NOMINATE any musical creation with less than 100k plays, by artists with less than 100k plays on average.

🥇WINNERS will be shared by cXc Music's official accounts, including a video, articles, and more. Winning tracks are recorded in an immutable record of great music.

🌊 Wavvy Music Accolades take place Weekly, with one winner in four categories: Music Video, Single, Live Performance, and Album.

🔑 👉 Want to be sure we don't miss your music or the music you love? Reply with your cXc Music link for it to be considered for next week's Wavvys!! 🏆

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