Wavvy Music Accolades #4 ~ Week 15, 2020 ~ by cXc Music (music.cxc.world)

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Wavvy Music Accolades

Week 15, 2020

Watch the awards here, hosted by Ammon

🏆 Winners 🏆

Music Video

Wide Eyes by Platon Karataev

📍Budapest, Hungary

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Cinematic. That's a word. It might be the best one to describe this beautifully shot video full of symbolism and reflections on society today. This song and video feels deeper that I even hope to understand.

The blank streets are the perfect symbol for the theme of this song, apathy, and the symbols, well, there's a wonderful tree, a confused pinecone, and a lead character in Black chasing versions of himself.

The creative expression poking through this video is just like the art itself, something incredibly beautiful poking through a world painted bleek. That's why we are here, isn't it? To be the rose growing from the concrete?

Give this video your absolute full attention, and it will reward you more than some feature-length films.

🕵 Discovered with: 30,514 views, 588 likes on Youtube

🎧 Listen on Spotify ~ Youtube ~ Apple Music

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🔗 Platon can be found their site: platonkarataev.com


Moving In by Rúnar Eff

📍 Akureyri, Iceland

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Rúnar Eff's voice is powerful and true. In this song it's put to good use. Most of his songs are written in Icelandic, but this one is in English, and delivers a powerful sound. It's a great tune to get you going in the morning, and the video is nice too.

Despite winning awards and even being a finalist on an Icelandic TV show, Rúnar doesn't get the ears we think he could seranade. We hope this wave will wash his music onto new shores.

🕵 Found with 6,244 views, 56 likes on Youtube

🎧 Listen on: Youtube ~ Spotify ~ Soundcloud (profile)

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🔗 Find Rúnar's everything on: runar.is

Live Performance

SIROJ - Live at 3voor12 Radio

📍 Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This music feels playful, flexible, and fresh. Combining powerful synth sounds with soft female vocals and a sprinkle of rap, this dynamic team brings together new school and old school in an amazing and beautiful way.

🕵 Discovered with: 846 views, 33 likes on Youtube

🎧 Listen on Youtube ~ Soundcloud (Profile)

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Slow Days by Yukkon

📍 Los Angeles, California, USA

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This album has a texture of purple velvet, and surrounds you with feelings of bubbles overflowing from a hot tub overlooking a seaside cliff on the Mediterranean. Really, there’s absolutely nothing to dislike about this album, so enjoy it, then enjoy it again.

Found with unknown number of plays 🤷‍♂️

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ℹ️ About the Wavvy Music Accolades🕺 🌊

An accolade is a recognition of merit. We started the Wavvy Music Accolades to recognize AWESOME music with LESS THAN 100k plays.

✔️ Rules

  • Any submission to music.cxc.world is eligible to win, regardless of genre/mood (Learn how to post on cXc Music)
  • Winners must have UNDER 100k plays average on platforms
  • Must be on Soundcloud, Youtube and/or Spotify


🏆 NOMINATE any musical creation with less than 100k plays.

🥇WINNERS will be accoladed by cXc Music's official accounts, including a video, articles, and more. Winning tracks are recorded in an immutable record of great music.

🌊 Wavvy Music Accolades take place Weekly, with one winner in each of the four categories: Music Video, Single, Live Performance, and Album.

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🔑 👉 Want to be sure we don't miss your music or the music you love? Reply with your cXc Music link for it to be considered for next week's Wavvys!! 🏆

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