Wavvy Music Accolades #3 ~ Week 14, 2020 ~ by cXc Music (music.cxc.world)

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Wavvy Music Accolades

Week 14, 2020

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Watch the awards here, presented by Douglas

🏆 Winners 🏆

Music Video

Spoort - Self

London, England

This is raw creative expression. That's what we are looking for here folks. This song makes you want to move, and the music video lets you know, however you want to move, that's okay!!

Let's dance!!!!

Found with: 8,731 views, 114 likes on Youtube

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Tyler Quehl - Talk about it

Columbia, South Carolina, USA

This song makes me feel like I am rowing a boat on a foggy lake in the Scottish countryside, only to throw off the paddles and dance into the mist. The chill vibes are real. The Beatles feel is there. The colorful lyrics are there. It's a solid track. And Tyler has plenty more songs to dive into, so don't be shy!!

Note: This track isn't officially released (yet)!! That's why it's not on Spotify

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Found with 69 plays, 5 hearts on Soundcloud

Live Performance

Neal Francis performing live on KCRW

Chicago, IL

Neal's music if full of emotion and energy, but for some reason is very calming to listen to. Taking influences from jazz and funk, Neil shines emotion like the sun in Rio de Janeiro. This set is filled with instruments, singers, and an energy that seems to be coming from above. There is also a short interview in the middle of the video where you can learn more about Neal's journey.

Found with: 821 views 32 likes on Youtube

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Alfa by the Lost Valley Ramblers

Central Coast of California

What I loved about this album is the lyrics. With songs about the evils of screens, the annoyance of airplanes, and loving each other again, this album might be a message we should take to heart at this time.

This is also, by far the most un-discovered piece we have ever accoladed. I was their seventh subscriber on Youtube and the first track only had 9 views on Youtube.

Found with: 9 Views, 1 like on Youtube

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ℹ️ About the Wavvy Accolades🕺 🌊

An accolade is a recognition of merit. We started the Wavvy Accolades to recognize AWESOME music with LESS THAN 100k plays.

✔️ Rules

  • Any submission to music.cxc.world is eligible to win, regardless of genre/mood
  • Winners must have UNDER 100k plays average on platforms
  • Must be on Soundcloud, Youtube and/or Spotify


🏆 NOMINATE any musical creation by commenting on this post with a cXc Music link.

🥇WINNERS will be immortalized, and have their music promoted for free by cXc Music on our web app and social media.

🌊 Wavvy Music Accolades take place Weekly, with one winner in each of the four categories: Music video, Single, Live Performance, and Album..

Want to be sure we see your submission? Reply with your cXc Music link and we'll listen!! 🏆

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