Wavvy Music Accolades #2 ~ Week 13, 2020 ~ by cXc Music (music.cxc.world)

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Wavvy Music Accolades

Week 13, 2020

Watch the awards here, presented by Douglas

🏆 Winners 🏆

Music Video

Julian Bach - Long Time Coming

Cape Town, South Africa

This music video shows us what big creativity can do with a small budget. The song's introspective nature is expressed quite well as we drive with Julian into the abyss of deep space, symbolizing the vast expanse of Julian's mind.

Found with: 408 Views, 22 likes on Youtube

Listen on Spotify ~ Youtube ~ Soundcloud

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Kid Bloom - Lemonhead

Los Angeles, California, USA

I'm not sure how Kid Bloom manages to fit decades of sound in a single song, but you'll find the 70s, 80s, and 90s in this banger. I feel like my small-town radio programmed me to love this music, and for that, I'm grateful.

Listen on Spotify ~ Youtube ~ Soundcloud

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Found with: 8,836 views, 339 likes on Youtube

Live Performance

Patiently Awaiting The Meteorite - Live performance at Nord Scene studios

Blainville, Quebec, CA

Put this video on and go about your day. This music is so relaxing and energizing at the some time. In this one hour set, we get to hear a beautiful rock sound, psychedelic elements, and songs in French and English. The performance has sound some bands struggle to find in the studio, let alone a live show.

Found with: 100 views, 6 likes on Youtube

Listen on Spotify ~ Youtube ~ Soundcloud

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Great Time - Great Album

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I can't pinpoint what exactly I like about this album, but I love it. The vibe is stepping outside on a sunny day, hitting the freeway on a summer roadtrip, and jumping on the trampoline with an ice-cold fresh-squeezed lemonade not far away. If you are looking for some jams to get you going, bump this album.

Listen on Spotify ~ Youtube ~ Soundcloud

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ℹ️ About the Wavvy Accolades🕺 🌊

An accolade is a recognition of merit. We started the Wavvy Accolades to recognize AWESOME music with LESS THAN 100k plays.

✔️ Rules

  • Any submission to music.cxc.world is eligible to win, regardless of genre/mood
  • Winners must have UNDER 100k plays average on platforms
  • Must be on Soundcloud, Youtube and/or Spotify


🏆 NOMINATE any musical creation by commenting on this post with a cXc Music link.

🥇WINNERS will be immortalized, and have their music promoted for free by cXc Music on our web app and social media.

🌊 Wavvy Accolades will take place Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly in each of the four categories, meaning Wavvy accolades 260 pieces per year.

Want to be sure we see your submission? Reply with your cXc Music link and we'll listen!! 🏆

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