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I like NFT arts alot, and the fame its found in our crypto space the last few months is nothing less than amazing.
Most importantly is the huge amount of money that's been flowing into it, and that's the purpose of this piece.

I found a project whose NTF arts yield money continuously, so, come along with me and let's explore this gold mine.
First I'd introduce the project in focus, explaining some of its nitty-gritty and go on to show you where the money is hidden.

As a way of introducing the WAVES DUCK NFT PLATFORM
let's meet PERFECTION, a premiere NFT duck produced on waves duck platform and was sold in April 2021 for a handsome $1,000,000!

Minting NFTs on waves duck, a platform built on the WAVES Blockchain for the production, showcasing and monetization of your NFT arts, is very easy. In fact, following the step-by-step procedures outlined here you can have your first digital art minted in the next 7 minutes

Step 1
You need a waves blockchain address, so, go to WAVES EXCHANGE and sign up. You'd be given private keys and Mnemonic file please make sure you keep them safe. With that credentials you'd be able to login to all other waves-based sites mentioned in this piece.

Step 2
Fund your WAVES EXCHANGEaccount and buy EGGS TOKEN.
You can fund it by navigating to the DEPOSIT PAGE of the EXCHANGE and you'd see the options to fund either thru your regular bank or credit card, or by sending in WAVES token from other exchanges.
Buy EGG TOKENS, don't worry about the price just get some, at least 7 eggs to produce your First Duck. The demand for it is always on the rise on this NFT platform, and, as you'd see soon enough, that continuous rise in price of EGG it's by design and that's were the profitability of the attached DeFi structure rest on.

Step 3
Produce Your First Duck
Now that you have your eggs the next step is to hatch them to get a Duck. You do that on the INCUBATOR PAGE of the waves ducks site
In Duck production your aim is to produce one that's RARE. The rarer a Duck the better it's quality, and by implication, it's profitability.
Some ducks are branded common, that is, they have a rarity rating of like 2%. There are also some that are 20% rare, some are 60%, some others are 75% rare. But our goal is to get the one with 100% rarity.
Apart from rarity, the profitability of a Duck also depends on its breedability.
The ducks you get directly from eggs are known as 'Genesis or first generation Ducks'. When you breed two Genesis you get a Second generation duck. Breed two second generation and you get a third generation duck, so on and so forth. The higher the generation the more chance you have to find a rare quality duck.

Once you have a Duck there are several ways to make money from it on the WAVES DUCKS PLATFORM

The first is by selling it's eggs. All Duck, no matter it's rarity, produce eggs. Just that, those of higher quality produce more eggs than the common ducks. And with the price of EGGS always on the increase, you'd always have something to celebrate irrespective of the duck you have.
The second is by using them to breed more Ducks. Apart from selling your eggs you can just save them and when they are many enough use them to produce more Ducks.
Once you have a second Duck that breeds, yes here's where you need luck as not all ducks are breeder ducks some come sterile, just take both to the breeder section of the waves ducks site, and produce another duck. Yes, you need two Breeder Ducks ducks to produce another duck.
Since all ducks lay eggs, however, you should now have three ducks laying eggs for you, and your duck NFT farm should become more satisfying. You can now decide whether to sell some, keep some or whatever ticks your fancy.
OK, what's more in finding more money in your ducks?
You can also pair your EGG tokens with WAVES or USDN and LP it at the pools page of *HTTPS://SWOP.FI*, the official AMM Dex of the WAVES project.
Moreover, you can make money from your ducks by farming them on the Farming page at waves ducks,and be rewarded daily from the official egg pool. Then ultimately,
You can sell your ducks at either the Marketplace page of waves ducks or at SIGN ART another NFT platform built on WAVES blockchain.

OK, there you have it. All the important info to build you a profitable duck empire.
Go on and be the best of you.

WAVES: 3PCgHj15p7Uv3aYghvVKdNqi7QKCfB244Dz
BTC: bc1qex826gpptk74qszf962cj6sguumllzrfd89vcv

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