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The growth of the waves blockchain

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As I await the 800,000 block of the steem blockchain I realize how much I have learned since I start my journey into the world of cryptocurrency. All of my growth into crypto first started because of steemit when I joined back in august.

When I first joined steemit I had no Idea wtf I was doing but I was tired of facebook and steem offered to pay me for what I contributed. So I decided to put the effort in to join. This is the power of steemit!

I invested in waves it in December of 2016, after learning more about crypto and earning steem from this platform (after steemfest). When I first learned about waves it was at 0.30-0.70 USD. Nothing was functioning on the website (besides wallet) but it seemed like it had potential based on the layout. So I put about 100$ in which bought me about 278 waves tokens. I put it into the waveswallet.io then I forgot about it and started to hodl. Here comes block 800,000!

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After that I kept on steeming and trading on poloniex with my steem rewards (Gaining 2 btc and losing it all due to reckless margin trading). Was pretty crushed about my losses and stopped trading for a while.

Luckily I learned about the rules of diversifying in trading, so I had spread out my investment even if it wasnt much at the time. Recently I remembered about the waves investment I made in my waveswallet.io and decided to check on it.

I found all these assets I had gained because of my stake that I had invested in waves. Some of them were actually pretty valuable. The most valuable ended up being the 12,500 mercury I was given and the 10 Ethereum (not sure why I received eth though).

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Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 2.49.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-12-19 at 2.50.13 AM.png

I realized that putting money into the waves and holding it in the wallet was an amazing decision. I have made a lot of amateur mistakes with trading but I have also made a lot of really great decisions too! Now waves is around 15 USD and their website and all wallet tools are fully functional. Oops missed the 800,000 block while typing this.

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Seeing how Waves has grown makes me ask, why hasn't steemit grown as much as waves has? As much as I love steemit with all of growth over the year it is hard for me to over look the shortcomings It has created (since the beginning) that still have not been balanced.

I feel like steemit is like a prodigy child created by parents who didn't know how to raise the kid and had marital troubles because of it which caused them to divorce; Full custody then given to one of the parents and the kid becomes slightly dysfunctional after the separation of his parents after the divorce ........ @aggroed talks about this in a more elegant & logical way in his post here, with statistics and cool charts.

Besides that though steemit is amazing! Thank you steemit and all of you here on this platform for all the help you have given me to support of my growth into this amazing world of revolutionary crypto technology!


It's great when you learn and grow and have fun and make money all at the same time... I only just found steemit... I waited way too long to get into crypto, but it's time to learn, grow, have fun and make a little money before the opportunity completely passes. Thanks for posting, was a good read of someone's journey as I start something similar (that probably makes no sense, but it's reassuring in some weird way, lol)

Yeah, it has been a great growing experience for me. No, it is actually never to late to join. People are only thinking that because of how much fast growth crypto has had this past year. Now is still a great time to join, everything is just beginning. Glad you enjoyed my post ^_^

Go Waves! I hope for an even bigger rise next year 🤗

Yeah, all the crypto market cap is constantly going up!

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