'2018' My Year of Adventure, My New Year's Resolution.

in #waterfalls4 years ago

Happy New Year to everyone! Greetings from Iligan City, Philippines.
This year 2018, come everyone and visit Iligan City also known as the city of Majestic Waterfalls because of the presence of more than 20 waterfalls in the city. In this year 2018, my new year's resolution is to visit all the waterfalls here in Iligan City. I've been staying here in Iligan city for five years and yet I haven't visit any waterfalls here. Yes! you read it right , five years and i haven't visit any falls here and I swear I haven't see a waterfalls even at once in my whole life. I want to visit first the Maria Cristina Falls. This Falls is also called the "twin falls" as the flow is separated by a rock at the brink of the waterfall. Then next is the Tinago Falls, "Tinago" is a Filipino term that means "hidden", the falls is being hidden in a deep ravine. Trekking to the falls requires approximately 500 descending steps called the winding staircase. Then the Dodiongan Falls , the Limunsudan Falls , the Abaga Falls and many other Falls here in Iligan city. What are you all waiting for everyone? Let us all together see the Falls of Iligan City.