Three Trustworthy Water Purification Technologies

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Buying a water purifier without knowing its technical knowledge is useless. There are many water purifier companies which claim that their purifier is made with modern technologies. Which kind of technology is trustworthy and works efficiently must be known before buying a water purifier. To help you buy a water purifier, we have listed below three available technologies of filtration.

RO Purification

Reverse Osmosis is an old and widely used technology to purify water. A purifier made with RO technology uses a semipermeable membrane to filter salt, chemical, and mico particles. The membrane contains small pores of .0005 micron. This size of the pores is slightly larger than the water molecule. Water passes through the membrane filtered by the pores and leave behind salt, chemical, and mico particles.

There is only one drawback of RO technology. It not only filters chemical and harmful mineral but it also slightly filters the useful minerals such as copper and magnesium, which finally causes the change in water taste.

UV Purification

UV purification uses ultraviolet radiations to kill germs and bacteria. The radiations kill hundred percent germs and bacteria suspended in water. Generally, UV purifier consists of a mercury lamp which produces ultraviolet rays to clean the water. Although this technology kills germs and bacteria completely, their bodies remain in the water. To extract the bodies from the water, UV technology takes help from RO technology. Purification by ultraviolet rays is suitable for those places which contain bacteria in large quantity in water.

Activated Carbon Filter Purifier

Carbon has cleansing qualities. When it is used in a water purifier for filtration purpose, it absorbs or extracts impurities, chemicals, pesticides, and bacterias from the water. A carbon filter does not need electricity during operation; it is a natural process and is considered as much more effective.

All three technologies detailed above have a common problem of changing water taste after purification. Water purification through magnetic technology does not change the water taste. NIKKEN PiMag Water, a Water purifying brand, uses magnetic technology to treat water without bringing changes in its taste.

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