Power of water

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Energy reflects through water that we drink. As, we all know that 60% of a human body comprises of water so,water has a great importance in human body. Water can play a great role even for fulfilling our dreams/affirmations that we focus on. How it works can be understood from the following steps.

Write your dream/affirmation on a chit of paper clearly. Take a full glass of water and keep the glass on the paper so that the writings on the paper are seen clearly. Hold the glass with both the hands tightly for a minute and speak out your dream/affirmation closing your eyes. After that, drink the water. Do this everyday in a particular time regularly. It is to mention here that it should be done for the same affirmation everyday for 21 days. If affirmation is positive then it is assured to achieve a good result. It is proven and it is scientific too.

So, friends do it and go ahead in life.manifestation-technique-water.jpgSource

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