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If you need water damage clean up services call. When an emergency occurs and water or fire has damaged a building is can dramatically change a home owners or business owners’ life, the live of the children and pets to employees and customers. This is when a professional licensed bonded restoration and construction company like 24 Hour Water & Fire Damage Service is needed. These types of emergencies need a wide variety of people to get the home or business back to normal. Some companies will clean up the water or fire damage, others will extract the remaining water and moisture and others will rebuild and repair the damage, there can be delays and miscommunications as all these different companies come and go. There are three stages to getting a home or business back together after a fire or flood. The first is the Emergency Stage this is where the property is cleaned up and secured. This can include our 24 hour service where we get out trained team members to your location to contain the damage, board up the property, extract the water, start the dehumidification process, remove the soot, smoke, and odor s, repair any dangerous electrical, heating or plumbing problems and remove any debris. The second stage is the reconstruction phase where we repair and replace all the areas that were damaged by the flood or fire. This could include the hardwood, tile, or carpeted floors, the drywall, wallpaper or paneling, roofing, cabinets, siding, windows that were damaged. This phase also includes fixing any appliances, wiring, heating or cooling units that were no longer working or needed repairs. The final stage is restoration phase where we clean every aspect of your home or business including, deodorization, dry cleaning, duct cleaning, mildew control, pressure washing etc. We want your home office or business to be like new when we are finished Questions? Call 24 Hour Water & Fire Damage Service 24/7 Emergency Service.

When dealing with a potentially flooded basement or building: The very first step to be taken is to determine the root cause of the leakage. It is possible that small repair or patches in the basement walls or floor can solve the issue. Could there be a leaking pipe in the ground that needs to be replaced. Is water coming from another source that can be channeled in another direction. Many times these can be repaired or replaced with out a huge sum of money out of your pocket. Take a good look at how your residence or building would do if a lot of water suddenly came by, where are the weak spots, is there some areas that could need some changes to avert water in the home or office? Sometimes it is just the pump that needs to be replaced or the pump is just clogged up. Our 24 hour emergency service for fire & water restoration services of Miami Water and Fire Construction Service can help if your office or business has experienced the devastation caused by flooding or water pipes breaking. They serve Miami and Harris County and Fort Bend County. If you need emergency water or fire damage service visit our water and flood restoration website.

The power of water has to be seen to be appreciated; it is able to shift entire structures on their foundations, and floods can occur on a large enough scale to devastate entire communities. Most water damage situations, however, are small leaks that go unnoticed over a long period of time. Once they are found, they have already grown into large scale problems.
Water Damage Restoration is here to meet the water damage challenge. When we are done, it will appear as though a flood never happened in the first place.

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