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RE: Water Wars: A Storage Agreement in Play (5 minutes)

in #water5 years ago

What's the point of this article? This under investments. What does it have to do with that? I would edit this article up and make it say something. What are you trying to tell the reader? Or what action are you trying to persuade them to do? How does this make Steem more valuable?


It's a commentary on the current state of the Southwestern water crisis, with an outlets for information. It's under investments because you can invest in water. I'm just relaying information. Its valuable because you might leave better informed.

Just my two cents but I would really work on your editing in the future and see that it makes it sharp and persuasive for the reader. Every post needs a strong sense of purpose. And every post needs to be the answer to "How do I make Steem better?"

Good luck!

Did you know this information before reading this post? I didn't expect to get a lot of attention, but I also didn't expect to be told this has no value. It has purpose, I guess since it has to be explained its not conveyed well, its there though. I'd prefer you'd not devalue my post for the purpose of achieving a comment benchmark. But constructive criticism is welcome.

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