Gordon Turrisi

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Gordon Turrisi and his band Watcher Moon have established themselves as a creative, motivational rock band encouraging everyone to think openly, cherish life and be happy.

Just listening to the track Jellyfish Balloon, it’s clear by the lyrics the goal is to be psychedelic and exuberant. The Doors comes to mind when listening to them expressing the mentality of escapism from the conditioning of the mundane societal platform. They are motivated by sounds from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Zappa and true rock and roll with style and substance.

Musicianship and creative lyrics dominate their performances. Band members Evan Joffred kills it on Bass and Lamar Hendrix destroys rhythm buildups and breakdowns on the drums which is why he has played with many A list artists, and Tom Mitchell adds a signature sound with professional harmonica. Gordon invites many other band members on stage depending on the gig or venue.

Helping teach children how to play music at Rockstar Music Education, Gordon believes that each of us can find express our passions through music and become better people through its transformative process.

He is a firm advocate for true environmentalism, calling out the elite’s agenda for geo-engineering, fluoride in the water and GMO genetic eugenics. He like all human beings, wants clean air and water.

Hoping that more people pick up on his message, engage in music that can free people from mental conditioning, he will continue to support revolutionary concepts that he believes can create revolution without violence.

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