The Most Interesting War Series you will read on Steemit

in #warslast year

An illustrative design of a soldier at war - designed by @kekegist

Follow me as I take you through a series on Liberation Wars.


Humans are a peculiar kind. People usually don’t take kindly to demands and commands, at some point there is bound to be a revolt.

For as long as people have been overpowering one another, there has been resistance to power.

And for as long as states have been ruling one another, there have been wars of independence.

Cheers to this series of liberation wars where individual states have battled against controlling powers in their own wars of independence also called liberation wars.

Good point to note as you follow this series is that some of these wars may or may not have been successful in achieving a goal of independence, however they are truly worthy of mention.

And the shocking part is, some of them are still ongoing and there will be more in the future.

So put on your helmets and protective gear, let's dive in.



Watch out for Episode 1..

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