Weather Warning!! - South Africa

in warning •  2 years ago 

Weather conditions are picking up here in Durban North, and parents needed to fetch their kids from schools due to flooding down at the South Coast.

And it seems Johannesburg can also expect some severe winds, thunderstorms, rain and hail.

Drive Safe and please keep your pets indoors


Please ONLY call emergency services if there is a severe threat to life or property. The city is about to be inundated with calls so please use your discretion when calling in something that can potentially wait for the storm to calm.


Emergency call Centre number is 0313610000

With Love

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My router got hit, using mobile network :(:(
News24 says next 24 hours in Durban will be disastrous
WEATHER ALERT: Hurricane Sifiso to hit KZN, please keep in doors as this storm is classified as a category 3 storm. Heavy gale force winds predicted at 90km/h with Gusts of 120km/h reported by Weather ALERT SA. Storm expected to subside in 3-4 days, Avoid travelling in these conditions.

The SA Weather Service says this is not true. “Hurricanes or Cyclones as these systems are called in the Southern Hemisphere normally form in late summer – February to March. There is no such system but what we have is a deep low-pressure system moving along the KZN coast causing this kind of weather we see today.”

So sorry about your router

Thought we could trust News24 :)
At least it's only my router, some people are facing huge damage!

Yes, some them are going to face some tough time repairing damages...
News 24 is is about 80% trustworthy LOL