PSA: Changing or removing your vote DOES NOT recharge voting power!

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If you're like me, sometimes you remove a vote to change the voting strength on that vote after deciding the person deserves a little extra, or maybe you remove it to give that amount to someone else, and even change to a lower percentage sometimes, etc.

Turns out, this is a really bad idea. If you vote on something and then remove the vote for any reason, your voting power does not reflect the removal of the vote.

Don't worry though, it gets even worse. If you change a vote from 75% to 100%, your voting strength will be drained as if you used a 175% vote, and vice versa.

You can literally drain all of your voting power on a single vote by tweaking it multiple times, please do not undo or change your votes unless you have a very good reason.

Anyway, I hope that saves you some trouble, it's a really sneaky thing that can cost you a lot lurking around in the background. I have probably wasted 100 votes worth of voting power because I didn't notice until now, so spread the message with a RESTEEM if you didn't already know this, or think your followers are falling into the same trap.

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This is a great tip. Revoting also destroys your curation award.

That's true, I suppose steemit really doesn't like people changing their minds about something lol

Your activity has been logged for all eternity in the blockchain lol

Thank you for your tipp i dont know that until now.
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Aww I thought you were just using votes to curtail your comment sections and where not concurred about it.

For anyone who does not know you can view your voting power in a few places.

The way I finally noticed something was amiss was changing from a 75% vote to 100% vote and seeing the same value, then changing back to 75% and it was a smaller value, I thought something is not quite right and then used steemd to confirm it. Thanks for posting the links by the way, I forgot to include that.

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thank you @thesocialqueen , I hope it helps your followers avoid this mistake ^_^

Thanks for the heads-up. They really need to make the curating rewards and voting strength system clearer. Resteemed.

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Thanks for the info, I have one more question though. I am still fairly new and don't have a lot of impact with my votes, meaning that basically every vote I do is worth $0.01. Does voting power still have an impact for someone like me where all my votes are basically the same value.

yes, there is a number that recharges about 20% per day governing your voting power. Even if you don't have access to the slider for voting strength this is important, so while you don't have as much reason to be changing votes as someone with the slider that can change their vote strength it would still drain your voting power if you were to vote then unvote then vote again (for whatever reason), so just keep it in mind, especially for when you unlock the slider (about 500SP).

alphacore you said to unlock the voting power will need to have upto 500SP. Pls this is what i notice when you register as a new member on steemit you are given 500sp that means anybody can unlock there voting power. Pls correct me if am getting it wrong

SP = Steem Power, you have much less than 500 when you start because they are worth over $1 each. Just check your wallet here:
to find exact amount that you have and the amount delegated to you.

Oh my mistake it 0.500sp thanks

The possibility to resteem is turned off

interesting, maybe if it is older than 7 days it won't let someone resteem, strange. Thanks for letting me know about that :)

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I somehow knew that but thanks for reminding us. Knowing the fact already, I only upvote when I realize the content does'nt deserve it.

funny typo haha :D
"I only upvote when I realize the content doesn't deserve it."
I think you mean unvote ^_^

Hahahahaha. I wanted to say I only unvote or remove my upvote.

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Wow for starters let me say thank you for the follow @alphacore. you are very helpful in regards to steemit and a great candidate for having the account. Keep the steem going.

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Please i will like to know more about this voting power. I'm here and i virtually upvote all posts i come across... what are the implications of my actions?

it's OK to vote on anything you like, just be sure not to remove the vote unless you have a really good reason for doing it because your voting power will still need to recharge the normal way (20% per day), because removing the vote will not recharge voting power. Each vote you make drains a certain amount of your voting power (2% of current value) and you recharge constantly. Once you have 500SP you gain access to a vote strength slider and that's where this problem of changing votes comes into play for most people, just keep it in mind for when you make it that far.

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Great.. thank you for this tip.. i don't know before. And i did destroy my SP. Uuggh...

I never remove a vote. Thanks for the tips! Upvoted!

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Thank you for the info. That is useful to know for the future when my votes have more value.

Very usefull information, thank you!

Nice post brother

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Really useful. I've done it a few times to increase a vote. Wont be doing it again.
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Well thanks for pointing that out.

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Thank you so much for this information. These are things I did not even know about Steemit. I'm just beginning to understand. Thank you

Great info.

But pls why dont i see the percentage of vote while upvoting someone? Kindly tell me how i can decide the percentage i want to upvote. Gracias

Dont reply this. I already saw it in some of your response. Thanks. At 500SP, my slider will be unlocked.

thanks for the advice. I'm still new to steemit and trying to figure out how this whole voting system works.

I'll have to keep that in mind @alphacore. I'm not quite there yet 😋. I do appreciate the heads up. Rock on 🤘🏻😎

hahaha my voting worth 0.01 it does nt bother me at all , but great post by the way , i m following you now alfa core

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Good to know, thank you!!

Gracias por el consejo.

Cómo haces para regular el poder de voto en cada voto? Seguramente tengas más de un cierto valor de poder de voto, algo como 500. Sabes cómo puede hacerse para regular el voto si se tiene poco poder de voto? ChainBB te lo permite, pero no lo recomiendo, ya que te chupa la friolera de 17% de lo que obtengas. Uff. Por supuesto, dejé de usarlo.

Thank you for that information I haven't done it but will definitely not do it at all have a beautiful day resteem

I never knew this. I'll be more careful in future.

We will not be able to change the nature and attitude of a person, but we can only influence other people my friend.

well done alphacore!

I had never removed a vote, but I've seen that done to my articles in several instances, and I don't even have that many posts.
I was only wondering, what's the point you either like it or not.
I did upvote people all the time to the point that I had zero balance, now I have to start being conservative about it.

thank s so much alpha

I had no idea you could even remove or change a vote! Ergh...

Nice to know, because some people comment ur posts and say hey vote me... I vote you... but they lie when I check who voted... they are not on the list and I already voted them... so not cool! Watch out for this tipe of people! Have a nice day and keep up the good work!

Thank you, very useful! Other question I have, do you upvote your own content..hehe ?

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This is very useful info my friend, I found that the hard way, trying to give more SP to a vote after I read the post, or maybe if you have on autovote someone and you think that particular post deserves more... I will resteem this so more people are aware and do not deplete their power like you and me hehehe.

Read you around pal.

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Great tip. Thanks

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