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The Emperor's sons, the demi-gods, the mightiest of men, they are larger than life and made to conquer the galaxy in the name of humanity. Officially there were eighteen of them, unofficially there were twenty-one. Two of them have been erased from existence and was a purposefully hidden twin of a known Primarch.

Lion El'Jonson is the Primarch of the first Legion, the Dark Angels. His homeworld is Caliban. Lion is a noble and proud warrior, he is also highly secretive. He held himself in a very high regard and expected those close to him to be able to keep up. This was very difficult even for his brothers who did not get along well with him. He had issues with most of them at one point or another.

Fulgrim the Primarch of the Emperor's Children. From homeworld of Chemos. Fulgrim is the Primarch of the third region and is known as the most of a perfectionist. He instilled the drive to constantly improve yourself in his legion. They were aiming to better themselves as much as possible with all they did. They were one of the legions that most valued art and simple pleasures in life.

Perturabo is the Primarch of the fourth Legion, the Iron Warriors. Resentful and full of rage for what he felt was the unjust treatment of his legion. Perturabo is the Primarch most focused on logic, very cold mathematical way of thinking. He did not display emotion well, but he is one of the most intelligent Primarchs out there. Perturabo comes from Olympia.

Jaghatai Khan is the Primarch of the fifth legion called the White Scars. Jaghatai is a Primarch who only got along with one of his brothers, Horus. He was very misunderstood, distrusted, or even hated in the case of Lorgar. He and his legion were always on their own, never making it clear who's side they were. Not out of secrecy or malice, but out of unique and mistrust. Jaghatai Khan is from Mundus Planus.

Leman Russ, the Great Wolf, also called the Wolf King is the Primarch of the sixth legion, the Space Wolves. Leman Russ can be described as a noble savage or a Viking with wolf motif. He is highly intelligent and capable, something that his exterior and behavior would not suggest at first. He was also called the Emperor's Executioner since he was the one called when other Primarchs needed to be dealt with. Leman Russ comes from Fenris.

Rogal Dorn is the Primarch of the seventh legion the Imperial Fists and is from a planet Inwit, but his legion considers Terra their homeworld. Dorn is a master strategist and a master fortification builder. Dorn and the Imperial Fists were called when there was a need for defensive battle. He is regarded as one of the most arrogant, self-centered and egotistical of all the Primarchs. He was the one who set up the defenses of Terra in the last days of the Horus Heresy.

Konrad Curze the Primarch of the Night Lords, the eight legions. Is known as the biggest psychopath of all the Primarchs. He is called the Night Hunter, because of the horrific murders, he committed on his homeworld of Nostramo. With the goal of punishing the guilty or at least those, he considered guilty. His reign of terror was so severe that the planet surrendered to him just so he would stop. His legion is masters of terror warfare, they were known to commit mass genocide or even planetary cleansing.

Sanguinius is the Primarch of the Blood Angels from the planet Ball. He is the Primarch of the night legion. He is most revered of all the Primarchs in the 41st millennium and was the Primarch who embodied the core of the Emperor the most. He was in being the closest to him, just not emotionally as much as Horus was. He has large angelic wings that enable him to fly. His Legion are one of the most loyal, but one of the most plagued with mutations and genetic illnesses. They are still one of the most respected of all the Space Marines.

Ferrus Manus the Primarch of the tenth legion, called the Iron Hands. He is from a planet Medusa. He spent his years alone, wondering the mountains of Medusa, not joining any of the tribes he encountered there. In his youth, he released a large mechanical creature free. Years later he came back to destroy the creature since he felt responsible. In the battle with a giant silver beast Asirnoth, he ended the battle with its flesh melted around his arms, creating a metal coating that could not be taken off. Among his brothers his best friend was Fulgrim.

Angron is the Primarch of the twelfth legion called the World Eaters, also called the berzerkers. Angron is the only Primarch that ended as a slave and was almost killed when he led a slave rebellion. The Emperor had him teleported to his flagship saving his life but dooming all of Angron's slave friends. He is known as the one of the physically mightiest of the Primarchs, but also one who is most prone to fits of uncontrollable rage. Angron comes from Bodt.

Roboute Guilliman the Primarch of the thirteenth Legion, the Ultramarines from the planet Macragge. Guilliman is the most level headed and a most mentally stable of the Primarchs. He is also one who did not get along with most of his brothers. Guilliman is known as an empire builder, the administrator, he also made the Codex Astartes and the Chapter system that came after the Heresy. Guilliman was the one who set up the Imperium the way it is today.

Mortarion the Death Lord is the Primarch of the fourteenth legion, the Death Guard. He comes from the homeworld of Barbarus. He was raised by a mysterious figure called the Overlord. It is unknown what the Overlord was, but he was not Human. There are speculations that he was a demon of Nurgle, or that he was a sorcerer of Nurgle. Mortarion discovered the Human population of Barbarus and realized where he belongs. In the end, he was unable to kill the Overlord and was almost killed himself.

Magnus the Red the Primarch of the fifteenth legion, the Thousand Sons, homeworld Prospero. Magnus is considered the second most powerful psyker in the galaxy, right after the Emperor himself. He is one Primarch who valued knowledge the most and in the Warhammer 40 000 universe, knowledge can be very dangerous. He was tricked by one of the Chaos gods to pursue warp research that eventually led to his downfall.

Horus Lupercal the Warmaster, Emperor's favorite son, Primarch of the sixteenth Legion, the Luna Wolves, renamed the Sons of Horus. Horus is from Cthonia, a planet very close to Terra. This is one of the reasons why he was the first to be found, almost as soon as the Great Crusade started. Horus is known as the best among the Primarchs, the only one who could match him in all aspects was Sanguinius. This is why he was declared Warmaster and given the control of the Great Crusade when the Emperor returned to Terra.

Lorgar Aurelian the Primarch of the seventeenth Legion, the Word Bearers. Lorgar was the first of the Primarchs to rebel against the Emperor, and he was the one who corrupted Horus and everyone else afterward. He was obsessed with faith, he needed something, or someone to worship. This is why he spread the doctrine that the Emperor is a god needed to be worshiped. He wrote a book that later inspired the Imperial Cult, a religion based around Emperor's divinity.

Vulkan the Lord of Drakes, the Primarch of the eighteenth legion, the Salamanders. Vulkan is considered the most compassionate of all the Primarchs and the one closest to his humanity. He spent his life not as a conqueror, but as a leader of his people. He did not end up on a planet, but on a highly radiated moon called Nocturne. He is the most physically imposing and strongest of all the Primarchs.

Corvus Corax is the Primarch of the Raven Guard eighteenth legion. He grew up on a mining colony, Lycaeus renamed Deliverance after the moon was liberated from Tech-Guilds that ruled over the colony. The colony was inhabited by criminals and exiles who accepted Corax as their own. When the rebellion started his legion suffered more than any other and they lost almost the entire legion.

Alpharius Omegon the last Primarch of the twentieth Legion, the Alpha Legion. The most secretive Primarch of them all. The biggest secret of the Alpha Legion is that Alpharius and Omegon were different people, they were twins. They were the smallest Primarchs and they were known as the most cunning. They switched places numerous times without anyone noticing. Their secrecy goes so far, that it is unknown if they even rebelled against the Emperor or not.

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