Lucrezzia Belladonna painted as a Lahmian Vampire

in warhammer •  6 months ago 

I recently was gifted this classical retro miniature from a friend. Lucrezzia Belladonna is from the Warhammer: Dogs of War collection and was released sometime in the mid 90’s. It’s quite a rare piece but still lives up to today’s standards.

Instead of painting her as a human, I decided to paint the miniature in a style that would depict her as an aristocratic vampire from the Lahmian bloodline. This way I can use her as a general or hero in my vampire counts army when playing games. For this reason I decided to stick with colors that are consistent with my army’s theme.

The mount and rider are painted primarily in different colors, purple and green. However I painted purple and green elements on both pieces and kept the color of the hair consistent across both models for the sake of confluence.
I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Happy to outline or give information on any of the steps I took to achieve this result, please feel free to ask any questions you may have in the comments.

Lucrezzia Belladonna 1.jpg

Lucrezzia Belladonna 2.jpg

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I really like the combination of the colours that you used for the coat of the horse and the dress of the rider .. you did a nice job in highlighting those ;)

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