Age Of Sigmar: Grot Scutlings

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Tonight I'm sharing my squad of Grot Scutlings which I have painted up recently. These guys come from the Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower box set based in the Age of Sigmar.

So they appear to be a cross between a night-goblin and a spider, possibly one of the twisted creations of the dark chaos god Tzeentch. Either way he didn't do a very good job at making them because they are the weakest villains in the game!

I used a simple color palette with some nice contrasts in colors and subtle highlights on the black cloaks which I also washed over with black again.

I'm pretty happy with how this squad turned out and they will be a blast to play the board-game with.

Hope you like them!

Grot 4.JPG

Grot 3.JPG

Grot 1.JPG

Grot 2.JPG

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I like how the bases turned out! Simple, but great effect! Solid work on the miniature, too. Well done!

Thankyou atra! good to hear from you :)

Very fun Grot! keep doing!

to grot issue i got the solution! 31289200_800522480140072_200035584960364544_n.jpg

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